Friday, April 20, 2018

might win a game

If I was to play one of those "one point for each thing in your bag" games,
I might just win.

Do you carry a separate bag to work with you?
I do. I move things from my purse to my bag on Sunday night
and back to my purse on Thursday night. 
Not everything gets moved. 
None of this stuff.

I just carry it around and call it weight lifting.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

it might just be time for a road trip

sometimes i measure that need by the size of my country living magazine stack.
when it starts to get out of control, it is time to get on the road
and drive hubby nuts.
cuz that's when i read and rip pages.
i only tear out the pages i want to keep.
he doesn't get it but he's a guy.
he doesn't have to understand ... only tolerate me.

we fly more than drive anymore tho.
what do you suppose my next flights seatmate will say when i start the demolition process.

they'll probably have earbuds in anyway.
my carryon bag just got bigger me thinks.

Monday, April 16, 2018

wedding weekend

We had a few days of company the end of the week. My (let's see if I can figure this out) first cousin once removed Trisha and her new hubby Pepper came and stayed. So fun to get to know these young folks. Although I've seen their wedding pictures online and in Christmas greetings, it is fun to put voices and real faces to names. Welcome back anytime!

They were here to celebrate the marriage of Ashley and Logan. Our nephew married a special friend of ours. The wedding was so very touching and beautiful.

Being as it is spring time (whatever that is in each climate these days), they held the reception outdoors. The wind that was ferocious on Friday behaved itself and led to a perfect evening outdoors.

 The new Mr & Mrs Marjanen radiating joy.

Wishing them both a lifetime of blessings and happiness.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


we packed our bags
jumped in the truck
and drove up the hill

we spent the night and half of sunday
in the middle of pine trees
where the lawn chairs had to keep moving spots
because the sun was warm

the company delightful

segregated though it was

the gorgeous landscape that i can never capture

why is that the camera lens cannot capture what the eye can see?

perhaps at other times it captures even more than one is able to see
yet as often as i try
it eludes me
instead i have to get out there and just soak it all in myself

have a beautiful weekend

Friday, April 13, 2018

a day for sunshine

Last Saturday Jari and I joined Frans, Jenny and some girls out in the desert to do some "plinking".
I've kind of decided that I need to learn how to shoot.
I really couldn't load a gun, didn't know what a "safety" was .... pretty much didn't know nuthin'.
So we spent 3 hours out in the desert hitting targets.

This is Helmiina ... visiting from Finland for 3 months.
She has in her hands a little thing that was actually my grandfather's pistol.
The thing spits like crazy but she has pretty good!

A few pieces of metal that were just a little bit bigger ...

Jenny was in the same boat as I.
We both wanted and needed some basic instruction.
Kierstyn was giving intructions that went like this: "are you even aiming mom?!"
My girls would have been saying the same thing to me had they been there.

One shot at a time.
Seems I sort of like 'em that way.

I'm ready to go again!

Home to do some laundry and then the hubby had an idea .....

Thursday, March 29, 2018

dad ... i want a goat

This was the scene about two weeks ago.
Dad is on his computer busily researching something or another. (That's what he does.)
Tia has decided that she needs another pet.
Being as we are not getting a dog until we live someplace else ....

T: Dad ... I want a goat.
D: (looks at her like she's plumb lost her mind) says nothing
T: (continuing on without stopping for a breath) We probably can't have a goat so I think a bunny would be a good idea.
D: still no response
T: Okay ... I'm going to get one. (and promptly leaves to do so)
Apparently in this house, no response equates with assent.

She picked up one and then it needed a friend .. so she went back and got another one.
We may have a problem.
They are not of the same sex.

Next problem was housing.  (Like I don't have anything else I should be doing.) 
I spent Friday making a rabbit hutch.
Pinterest again. Then a run to the hardware store for some screen. The rest of it I had laying in piles and waiting to be used. Using up those miscellaneous piles of wood scrap is a downright good feeling.

After looking at a number of rabbit cages ... this is what I ended up with. I didn't plan. I barely measured. I just went with it. And ... I didn't paint. Bummer. I think it would be really cute in a teal or something. It isn't like I'm running out of paint around here.

Heaven forbid we should have baby bunnies, they need someplace to hide. We don't have critters to worry about here, but occasionally there might be some weather that rolls through. They ought to be safe in there.

Handy hubby chipped in on Saturday and finished off the lid/roof/top for me. I had a plan but he made it more secure.

Finished and unpainted little rabbit house. Just waiting to be moved and get some tenants.

This is Tippy.

Enough space to have some "me" time when they need it. And enough to snuggle up when they want to be friendly.
Low enough that Dominc is going to be feeding them everything in sight. High enough that he can't get them out of the cage. They ought to be safe.

I suggested raising meat rabbits but hubby can't handle butchering them. Turns his stomach.
Guess that's not going to happen.
Plan B: harvest the rabbit poop and make some fine mulch for the garden I don't have. Yet.

What is next around here?
I want chickens.
Seriously I do.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Birthday Sebastian!

He may have learned this little protective technique from his Nana.
I think that's how I look when I play volleyball.

It was a beautiful day at the park last Sunday afternoon. Cool enough to need a sweater in the shade. Cool enough to move your chair to the sun. Beautiful! Being as the weather is most always fickle .. water balloons were the order of the day. These 4 year old friends are quite the team!

Dominc just wants his hands on everything in sight. One thing after another. He's one busy little guy.

The birthday boy! Where did time run away to that we have a 4 year old grandson! He is growing up so fast and it is a special joy to have him near us.

I don't know about things like Rescue Bots ... but he sure does!

Happy Birthday dear child! I can't wait to watch the wonder and delight of explorations in the next year.