Friday, August 30, 2013

35:52 the table at mealtime

 project 52
the table at mealtime

I have worried and wondered this post nearly crazy.
I've dug through photos in a box in a trunk because I had an idea.
Then I skipped it and went with just one photo.
It's nearly Friday morning and here I am changing it again ...
because otherwise I will probably never share these with you.
And I want to share them.

This is the table where I grew up enjoying mealtime.
Mealtime was spent with everyone at one table and each of us had our assigned seats.
Quite obviously .... on this occasion we had visitors
which was a common occurrence in our home.
Take a wee walk through this photo with me ... just for fun.

Each person has a glass of tomato juice.
The dinner plates are china rimmed with silver trim.
The drinking glasses without the tomato juice ... Tupperware.
I was rather surprised to see milk in a 1/2 gallon container. 
That was not a typical site in our home for much of my childhood.
Dad is sitting at the wrong end of the table.
That wasn't his spot.
Then there are the guests.
I remember being teased by one in particular.
I remember being instructed on what length song to pick for church services by another.
My daughter is the godmother of another's great grand daughter.
If you can name the dinner guests  .... leave me a comment.

This still isn't a typical picture of our childhood dinner table, but a bit more so than the first photo.
My spot was the middle spot at the table on the left side of the photo.
Our dinner was served at the table.
"Please pass the ....", "please pass the ....", "please pass the ....."
I passed and I passed and I passed.
I'm still claustrophobic sitting in the middle of the bench.
Tupperware glasses. I think those things were indestructible!
No china on this day. At first I thought they were paper plates, but on further inspection ...
I think not.
Mom was a cake decorator and we all had very fun birthday cakes. 
I'm not sure whose birthday was being celebrated here, but quite obviously it was one of the boys.
Extra big bonus points if you can name all these little people!
Okay ... you don't need to name all of them.
How about 5 of them?

I'm not sure my kids know how to say "please pass the ...." because I moved to a different 
style of feeding as soon as I had a counter to do so.
Buffet style is how I feed my guests and my family.
Doesn't matter if it is a birthday party ....

or a holiday. There is one tradition though that I share with my mom.

I don't have Tupperware glasses, but I do have her china.
We don't wait for special occasions to use it but we do use it on special occasions.

Fast forward a few years to our table at mealtime.

Only a few blinks ago, these benches were filled with people ...
on a daily basis.
I was cutting meat, attaching bibs, pouring milk,
wiping up milk, pouring more milk, coaxing someone to eat
just one more spoonful.
There was a high chair being banged with a spoon.
A plate being thrown by a toddler who wanted no more.
Someone invariably trying to pull a 
"yuck, I don't like that!"
Then while I wasn't looking, 
the benches became filled with adult size bodies.
Chairs were placed at both ends of the table 
so that we could all fit at the table.
Now here we are today, where often there are two of us dining.
Jari in his spot and I in mine.
Or days like this where three of us enjoy some very lively conversation.
For some reason, this is not a day I ever imagined
would be a part of my reality.

Check out Marcy's table at mealtime!

I promise only one photo next week.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

normal things .... and a bridal shower!

The coffee pot is descaling. Apparently, it needs to sit with vinegar in it for 4 hours before I can use it.
Why on earth didn't I know that before I started?!

I am staying home this evening. I have pork sitting on low in the new crockpot and it isn't anywhere close to done.
That sort of wasn't my plan.
Last weekend I pulled 35 pounds of cooked pork.
I'm almost halfway done with this pork cookin' business for the wedding.
Apparently, this crockpot needs to cook on high ... I didn't know that.

Starting to look like I'm in learning mode today.

Last night we showered Anna with well wishes in anticipation of the upcoming wedding.
Some serious talent in drawing a bride with the eyes closed was going on.
Followed by some serious contemplation about whose artwork was the winner.

Mom and her beautiful girls. I thought this level of hormones was sometimes challenging .....

but Janet has it ... hands down! What a wonderful (maybe a wee bit wild and wacky sometimes?!) group of people. She is truly blessed and fortunate.

As much fun as we had yesterday, I am kind of cranking today.
Coffee and pork will do that to a gal.
Just a minute ago, tho', I saw something on Facebook that made me just stop in my cranky tracks.

Like totally stop.

Although we celebrated joy yesterday, the day was also filled with sadness for so many.
A young couple on their way to their own engagement party were in a tragic accident on Monday evening and yesterday God called Wynn home. I don't know him and I only know his fiance by sight, but I have an engaged young couple that I dearly love very close to me. I am a parent. I have had the joy of being married to a man I love for nearly 29 years. I know that today my children are all alive and well.

It's time to put away the cranky and be thankful for this day that God has given and the blessings that have filled every waking moment. It's time to tune into a Memorial Service from Seattle and send some prayers for all those loved ones filling the benches with broken hearts.

I have nothing to be cranky about.

8:45 pm

The pork is still trying to cook.
The coffee pot might just be descaled. 
The car is claiming it is low on coolant and with the help of hubby over the phone (he is off hunting for the nite) I actually put fluid in my radiator for what was probably the first time in years. Maybe even decades. Almost needed a manual to figure out how to open the hood. Thank goodness for my current research class. I managed that without needing to call a son of mine and look incredibly dibble. I have no pride the vehicle department. None whatsoever. But to call someone to open the hood might just be indicative of something I don't want for a label. Not yet. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

34:52 worth a thousand words

Project 52

I have pictures that I've taken of my children through the years that would
have certainly earned the title of this week's blog post.
To find something recent that screams at me ....
not so much.
Although grown children are a delight,
there is something about capturing the littles in their antics
that usually gets me begging to label it 
worth a thousand words.

Several weeks ago I turned in a 12 page paper to school.
The word count of said paper was 3,163 words.
Could I write 4 pages worth of words on this here photo?
I could.

You see, these are my daughters.
They are different as night and day.
They are 4th and 5th in family birth order.
They grumble and complain at each other,
then turn around and laugh together like there is no tomorrow.
They complain when one borrows their clothes without asking,
and then turn around and ask to borrow something from the 
sister with whom they are thoroughly annoyed.
They both went through early childhood with spindly snow white
hair that couldn't be braided no matter how this mom tried.
This mom, being thoroughly frustrated with braiding little strings,
pretty much gave up that business.
They took it upon themselves a long time ago
and my bathroom has been littered with hair stuff ever since.
Today their combined ages total what mine was at the 
time my house was filled with the pitter patter of their little feet.
I can only imagine the ways in which their lives will be
different ten years from now.
For today, when the camera captures a photo that is silent,
I know that at least a thousand words were shared while 
these two sat in the still of the morning.
In all likelihood, one listened while the other spoke.
For that is the way it usually is with these two
whose lives to me are worth much more than
a thousand words.

Enjoy your trip over to visit Maaret this week!

Monday, August 19, 2013

camping weekend

The sweatshirt definitely got worn this weekend!
Saturday evening was windy, wet and cold but the rest of the 
weekend was absolutely glorious!

Camped up on the rise.

Sweatshirts were the order of the late Saturday afternoon for Gretchen & me.
It really got to the point of wrapping every available blanket
on top of the sweatshirt and jacket.

There is nothing on earth like the sweet smell of the fresh woods.

Especially when you're perched in a camping chair catching up on magazines 
such as Country Living and snacking on trail mix.

Anna had planned this camping trip, inviting Jari & I to attend with them.
This is probably the last camping trip these two will have as single people.

Lots of visiting ....

game playing ...

riding and some shooting.

I'm ready for another trip sometime soon!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

two weekends in a row

I have a break from classes this week and am not exactly looking forward to the beginning of another class next week.
Eight week classes are great, but I have a serious case of senioritis every eight weeks!
Painful, I say.

So, being as I'm not tied to the laptop (you've noticed, hey?) for this week, last weekend Jari and I left for a little bit and did something different.
We thought about taking the train to the Grand Canyon, but will save that for another time.
Instead, we took the Verde Canyon Railway on Saturday and then hid away from home for the nite ... coming home on Sunday.
It was a needed break.
We aren't vacationing anywhere this summer, so I figured that short little stint was our holiday.

It was a bit toasty, but the train cars were air conditioned and the ride afforded some absolutely incredible views.

Grab your coffee cup and enjoy the ride!

The theme for our Project 52 blog circle this week was inspiring.
So many of these photos would have fit the theme for they certainly were inspirational to me.
In the photo below you can see two darkened caves in the rock face.
Although difficult to see in the photo, only the ceilings of the caves were darkened.
The darkening of soot from cooking fires of long ago peoples.

Absolutely breathtaking. 
Yet another beautiful riparian environment that we have been able to enjoy.

I really couldn't see where this trail led to, but it is obviously a traveled one.
Difficult to imagine that in the middle of nowhere, people settled and built a life.

They did so in the middle of the red rock and canyons.

Imagine a group of military men deep in the bottom of this canyon
surrounded by the natives at the tops of these steep walls.
Imagine that in that dark cave, some woman cooked for her family.
Someone hauled water up those rocks
and did so with incredible ease.

And here in Perkinsville, the end of the line where the train heads back the other way,
someone else made a life.
One that is so unfamiliar to the one we today live.

I would highly recommend this little journey for visitors you have who might want to see something of the state that exists outside the walls of the city.
Oh, and if you go, make sure and sample some of the prickly pear tea on the train ride!

Being as I have yet another weekend off before the school bell tolls on Monday ....
we are heading up north to sleep in a tent.
With a hoard of young people.
I can't wait for their music around the bonfire.
I hope we can have a fire!!
My goal last weekend was to wear a sweatshirt for 20 minutes.
Twenty. Minutes.
This weekend ... that goal is a bit loftier.

Friday, August 16, 2013

33:52 inspiring

Project 52

Are we all inspired by different things and different people
all at different stages of our lives?
Last weekend Jari and I went away for a few days.
On Sunday we took in an Art Show with this booth that
nearly sent me over the edge.
Some folks would be inspired by this display.
It made me nearly crazy.
I did ask the artist if her home is decorated in black and white.
No, it is just as colorful as her artwork.
I would seriously need somewhere quiet.

I am including my apologies for the lack of blogging in this here post.
You see, lately our home is experiencing the
inspirations that are brought about by love
and an approaching wedding day.

And while playing with photos and blogging about life is something I really do enjoy,
a quick 20 minutes will instead find me hitting Pinterest looking for yet another 
wedding idea to share with the bride or working on something she needs done.
If you've been to the world of Pinterest ...
you know the definition of inspiring.

All this inspiration tends to be a bit consuming.
And I love it.

You'll find more inspiration over here this week.

Friday, August 9, 2013

32:52 clouds

Whew! I'm actually on topic this week and ahead of the game!
The other week when the theme was Sunset ...
well .... I spent all week trying to capture monsoon clouds.
It was probably Thursday night at midnight when I realized ....
I got it all wrong.

This week, Project 52 really really really brings you clouds.

From the whispy clouds flitting across the desert sky

dancing as if running from their summer duty of offering shade

from a sun that blisters with the incredible heat of summer.
Sending us instead to the cooling respites of
shade trees and refreshing waters.

It is this time of year in Arizona that we love.
While, for some of us, the heat can be exhausting and relentless,
the monsoon season brings the cover of clouds and the
pounding of the storms.

The earth, whether in the desert or the high country,
awaits the refreshing drink that comes from above.

We grab a sweatshirt and feel the cool as the temperature drops ... 
 watching in awe the fury unleashed by the heavens.

Mosey on over this way for more clouds ....

Friday, August 2, 2013

31:52 travel

You were waiting for some fantastic traveling pictures, weren't you?
I'm really not doing any extraordinary traveling this summer,
but for some .... these wheels just might qualify for luxurious travel.

There has been a fair amount of traveling happening
in the rest of our Project 52 circle.

Marcy is my go to link this month ... enjoy!