Thursday, September 27, 2012

three measley photos

are the only photos that exist on this computer.
I can't believe it.
Fresh computer that was the cheapest least expensive one we could find
and nearly naked as the day it came out of a factory in some third world country.
The word documents folder is already full of school stuff ...
my part of the computer is a blank slate.
Not so with the trash can in the kitchen.
It is shameful to say that this is my reality somedays.
I don't drink Thirstbusters. Ever.
If I'm stopping for something from Circle K or some other convenience store
it is going to be black coffee.
Recently I think I said something about people busily cleaning without prompting.
I take that back this week.
The kids have been nagging me to buy the lemonade.
We are an iced tea household.
There is nearly a gallon of outdated milk in the fridge.
I almost bought another gallon (yes ... one gallon) of milk at Costco yesterday but
am getting rather weary of throwing milk away.
This week I finally tried the Arnold Palmer tea .. I'm hooked.
Another first for me was a visit to Half Priced Books today!
I rarely purchase books. In fact I think the last time I purchased a new book was at a newstand
at an airport before boarding a flight.
Occasionally I'll pick up a bunch at a yard sale, usually I download and plug in an earbud.
Today's mission was some Algebra books.
Between these books (and College Algebra was a bit over the top) and YouTube help
I think we'll accomplish something.
I am about to lose my mind!!!
This computer is naked empty and slower than molasses in January in Nome.
I haven't even loaded more than 3 photos and this crazy thing pauses every minute or so
for 15 seconds to think.

From Blackboard Blunders:
Our solar system is made of a sun, nine planets, lots of moons and balls of fire
which fly around inside the system and can cause damage. These are called hemaroids.
From Fresh Elastic for Stretched out Moms:
Just Being There
What we mothers have to recognize is that it is all right to hurt - hurt is a measure of
the love we have invested in someone else. There is  risk involved with love, and,
too often, heartache. But the alternative is a life of gray and dullness. Love doesn't 
have to be profound, or educated, or dazzling. It just has to be there, steady and sure,
even in the bad times. 

Laughter, my friends, is good for the soul.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

lovin' weekends

It has been one of those crazy busy weekends.
Friday evening we met Juha & Annette at Rock Springs Cafe.
Traffic was our friend and we made it a bit early and started wandering around.
I never knew this little green corner of the world existed!
There is a very nice Garden Patio tucked in next to the Cafe.

 A very obviously fake cemetery if you take time to read the "headstones".
I particularly like the one that declares a VACANCY.

My favorite for the evening. 

I enjoyed a beautiful wedding reception on Saturday evening.
Enjoyed a houseful of company for lunch on Sunday and then moved the party
over to another household for the evening.
Plumb forgot I was on organ duty at church in the evening.
I really did put all my responsibilities into my phones calendar ...
tonites obligation didn't make it.

The laptop crashed this week sending school work into trouble mode. Aach!!
I went Christmas shopping this week via the good old internet.
I even had ideas for gift wrapping but Home Depot didn't have what I wanted.
The garage didn't get cleaned, but the pool came down.
After conducting a survey of possible swimmers vs the cost of filling a leaking pool,
emptying the pool won. 
The weeds are going to be going bonkers ... they're now very well hydrated.

Busy week coming up. To be followed by a weekend in sweatshirts.
I can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

anna .... did i tell you?

Now that you are almost grown I look back and ask myself ... Did I tell you?

Did I tell you all that I meant to tell you, all that I felt was important. Did I tell you or was it lost in the shuffle of our everyday lives. The busy full days when we taught and didn't know it. What did we teach? Was it strong? Was it good? Will it root you in something real that will allow you to grow with a firm and sound foundation?

Did I tell you to love, not with a fair weather love, but with a love that accepts and cherishes unconditionally. Love not with a quick and passing love, but with a love that is a quiet peace within your heart.

Did I tell you to be thoughtful. Not to be a martyr or doormat to be trod upon, but to be aware of other people and their needs. To meet others with awareness and within your own framework be able to meet them halfway and on occasion go the other half joyfully.

Did I tell you to be courteous and not to display empty manners with no meaning but to live the courtesy born of caring. And to express this caring through the small formalities and customs born of the years.

Did I tell you to be bold. To be not afraid of the unknown, but to live life to the fullest, and meet each new experience with joy and anticipation.

And did I tell you to be cautious. To temper your daring and sense of adventure with good judgment and consideration.

Did I tell you to serve other people if only in a small way. There is growth and satisfaction in being part of something larger than yourself and your life will be richer for knowing this.

Did I tell you to maintain a sense of the past. To recall and uphold all that is best and meaningful in our country and in our society. But never be afraid to speak out where you don't believe or where there is room for improvement. Work for what you believe, but work in a positive way within a structure of order and reason.

Did I tell you to find a part of nature that speaks to you. Then know it intimately and well. For some it is a mountain peak, for some a windswept beach. Find your own and in it find your restoration.

Did I tell you to laugh and to sing. There is a lot in life that is hard, but take it as it comes and find the good ... and make time to laugh.

Did I tell you to be creative ... to explore the seed within you. Find your creative spirit and let it grow.

And did I tell you the joy and challenge of being a woman. The joy of having a child ... knowing and sharing a new life. The joy of making a home ... the center but not the limit for the lives of those you love.

Did I tell you these things as we went along the way? If I did I am humbly grateful. If I did not then you must choose for yourself. If it has meaning accept it and make it your own. If it does not, discard it. Your life is yours to build as you choose.

And did I tell you ....

I hope it will be a good life.

Words (with minor adaptations) courtesy of Elizabeth Knapp "Did I Tell You?"
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Kuoppala

Sunday, September 16, 2012

welcoming the cooler weather

So many pieces of our lives seem to revolve around the weather.
Either it is too hot to do something, too cold to do something else,
rainy enough to complain about, etc.
Fall is here.
In some places the frost is on the ground and the warmer clothes are out in force.
Here the air conditioner keeps spinning the electric meter, but maybe just a tad
less than a week ago.
The mornings are absolutely divine.
Cool enough that Friday morning I was suppose to jump in and clean the pool ....
and decided it was too chilly.
Certifiable wimp. Yes I am.
It was probably 72 degrees outdoors and I was not jumping in that water!
Thursday I just picked up some more chlorine tablets. We were out of them and I'm not
ready to put the pool away quite yet. I did hop in on Saturday and again on Sunday.
After buying the chlorine, I realized something.
Alyx's birthday has always been my mental winter grass planting date.
October 10th is so close I can feel it.
That pool is going to have to come down and make way for that
luscious green winter grass that leaves
wonderful stains on the knees of anyone who dares to crawl in it.

Fall brings something else along with it.
Cooler weather that allows the soil of plants to retain a bit more moisture.
Fall means flowers.
Lots of them.
This spring I snipped starts off a few plants around here, used some rooting
hormone and coaxed plants into growing.
I only have several that survived the beginning of the hot summer and
all the times we were out of town.
This week I could hardly believe my eyes.
My Mexican Bird of Paradise has sprouted a bloom.
Nearly made me shoot on over to Home Depot for some potting soil.
I didn't. I managed to restrain myself. Just barely.
Soon. Very soon. 

 The neighbors lantana needs a serious trimming.
There should be enough extra snippings there to keep me planting for quite a while.

I spent many hours of this weekend teaching English.
To tell you the truth (and Mr. Ahola would never believe this!) I actually prefer history.
Read back through this post and you'll understand why.
I much prefer to write in the bloggese. It doesn't matter whether a sentence is a fragment or not.
Because in this little corner of my world ... I make the rules.
I found clearance whipping cream in a can at Target and was just thrilled.
Finnish pancakes with strawberries and whipping cream was making my mouth water.
Until I came home and noticed why it was probably on clearance.
It was strawberry flavored.
Don't bother trying it.
I did make it to Costco and forgot the Ramen Noodles.
Never made it to the other stores I needed.
I created.
I crafted.
I found out that if you use the cover of your home made Mod Podge jar as a container
for dipping your sponge and don't wipe it off afterward ....
the lid is forever stuck when you recap the container.
Some of my kids gave me ideas of Christmas desires over the weekend.
So far ... they pretty much all qualify for needs instead of wants.
Makes me smile.
Real big.
Today my dear niece Heidi called to tell me she went camping over the weekend.
She caught a big fish. They ate it. She made smores.
I understood nearly everything she said.
She really shouldn't live 1800 miles away from me.
On that note .... have a terrific week and I'll go set my alarm for 4:30.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

the whirlwind around here

I finally had an evening to sit down at the computer. Look through a few pictures and maybe even get to the world of blog. Was busy reading a few and catching up on the new stuff in other folk' worlds when hubby says, "If I go wet my hair, will you give me a haircut before I go in the shower?" Shucks. How can you not say yes when Sunday my text message from him on the way home from Mother's Camp included this photo? Roast complete with potatoes and carrots. Delish!!

Or when his text message on Wednesday, when I was on the way home from work, read: Dinner is done.
Yup. I'll give a hair cut.

It has been a busy week. Last Friday morning I had a 7:30 a.m. meeting at work and directly afterward, headed off to Mother's Camp. We spent the afternoon in Prescott going from the mall to downtown, browsing and laughing. Then off to Kamp to make sure we got lower bunks. Couldn't imagine climbing ladders to get to a bed. The thought of climbing off the top bunk in the middle of the night for a run to the can was even less desirable. The weekend was wonderful. Cool air at night and warm discussions both day and half the night. Refreshed and happily ready to come home. Ready to work at the issues I feel in my world. Oh, I'm such a fortunate woman. To have so many people I can call my friends. To know that so many have walked a path similar to mine and today they have beautiful smiles on their faces. To have a beautiful family to come home to. Oh, yes, I am incredibly fortunate.

Monday was a long day with a bit of visiting in the evening.

Tuesday ... another long day. Came home from work to switch clothes and brush the teeth. Didn't even have time to inhale a peanut butter jelly sandwich before heading straight to the church for a meeting and then home to more visiting.

Wednesdays I don't work until the afternoon and usually for no more than 3 or 4 hours. That means bills, mail piles, laundry, mom jobs in the morning. Then to Bible Class in the evening. Dare I admit that I actually took two (2) naps on Wednesday?

Today another work day and I'm feeling comatose. My back needs a heating pad and some serious couch time. The 15 pound lead apron I've worn this week tends to get a bit heavy after hours and hours. I'm still trying to screw up some courage to try some squats wearing that thing. Am a bit fearful I won't ever get back up again. The thought has kept me standing straight and tall up to this point.

Tomorrow will be soon enough to attack the other part of my duties and responsibilities. The ones that I've voluntarily added to my world .. English and Math. And I'm seriously considering classes for myself?! I think I'm nuts.

The refrigerator has milk that expired 2 days ago, leftovers from last week and not much else.
Perhaps I should include grocery shopping to one of my days sometime soon.

Friday, September 7, 2012

.... a year ago this week ....

We visited Santa Claus at the North Pole.
We played with family at the Pioneer Park in ....

Fairbanks ...
We were witness to the beautiful fall colors around Denali National Park.

We window shopped at Wal*Mike's in Trapper Creek.

We snuggled with brand new baby Evelynn.

We headed south.
Oh, that elusive thing we call time.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day weekend

we spend in town.
Visiting until the wee hours of morning on Friday evening.
Saturday working on projects of one sort or another.
Sunday we went to 8:30 church and then had Juha & Annette over for the day.
Super fun!
We enjoyed a lunch of grilled salmon & halibut,
followed by skyping with Mummu & Pappa.

 Today, Monday, I got part of the garage cleaned out.
At least the piles of clothes that keep spilling everywhere
waiting for a trip to Goodwill or the like.
I had an idea today, but it sounds a bit lofty.
We haul these boxes into the house all the time.
A trip to Costco and invariably I come home with a big box
that ends up in the recycle dumpster.
Why not fill those boxes and ship them off to somewhere else?
Box into the trunk of the car and filled with oldies that need to leave.
Maybe next time I'll set the box in the hallway by the girls' bedrooms and
give them orders to fill it up to the brim.

Not only are there the boxes from Costco, but now I'm bringing home boxes from work as well!
Would you walk out carrying these two things in your arms or would you grab an empty box?
I vote for the box.
I have a dear coworker who had an extra pair of Danskos sitting in her closet that she can't wear.
Perfect size for my feet ... and I buy black ones.
Love these ... just never would have paid the price they command.
And syrup ... she can't use it fast enough.

Not sure I can either ...
better add pancakes to the menu a bit more often!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

if flowers could talk ....

"If flowers could talk what would they say?
Would they ask how you're doing and if you could play?"