Saturday, January 24, 2015

i think i'm about a hundred years old

at least this evening.
We (hubby and myself) really aren't sure if we will be able to move tomorrow or not.
Not move as in residences.
Move as in inch our bodies out of bed in the morning.
It's been that kind of day.
This week we've been to visit our elderly friend, Ed, who is in hospice.
I'm planning on visiting him tomorrow.
He probably won't know I'm there, but it doesn't matter.

Ed's family (and ours) has been in town this weekend.
We had a few babies around here ... along with the parents and grandma.
Tonight they are elsewhere, but we've certainly enjoyed having them.

Heini with Natasha's babies ....

and Dean & Keilah's babies. They are getting so big!

Friday I had to work for a few hours and then spent the rest of the day crafting with my friend Cheryl.
Coffee, visiting and creativity.
What better combination is there?!
Saturday ... the day started with a trip to Home Depot and a few other places ...
This disaster isn't cleaned up yet this evening, but I'm getting there!
Didn't accomplish all that I wanted to today, but made serious progress.
Are you anything like me?
Sure that you can accomplish twice as much as is realistic?
It looks like I have a few more days of this kind of craziness ahead of me.
I did make some progress in the learning department today!
Although the chop saw, skill saw and sander are old faves of mine, I have never used the brad nailer before. Got that bugger down! I did call the air compressor a generator at some point, but I really did know what I was talking about.
I still have all my fingers and toes ....

minus a hunk of skin or two.
That stinkin' sander got away from me once or twice.

All of this crafting going on is for our church's Winter Services. I am part of the team in charge of the craft sales this year and, as usual, give me a duty and I sort of get stuck there. Our own household has other happenings between here and there, so it is crunch time. I need to get done what I can in the minutes or days I have available.

In all likelihood I won't manage to chew all the ideas I've bitten off, but it won't be for lack of trying!

Monday, January 19, 2015

a place for everything

First, remember that I am a magazine page cutter outer.
I find the things I like in magazines, rip out the pages and pitch the rest.
The problem with those pages is that they accumulate in the most unfortunate places.
Some actually make it to the universal magazine page idea storage place,
most end up in a drawer ... never to be seen again.
In the middle of crafting, redoing and organization mania around here, I came up with a plan for those pages. Alyx and I went through my fat 3-ring binder several weeks ago that holds my Ideas & Dreams. Those things change over time. What I liked 5, or even 10, years ago may not be at the top of my list anymore. We filled a trash can (or thereabouts) with some of the pages, and kept the ones that tugged at my heart strings. I would pause too long and Alyx would say "keep it". Don't you just love her?!
What to do with them? Seriously, I pitched 3 (count them!) binders over the weekend. These pages need to find a home.
Off to the scanner the first batch went this evening.
I scanned them into files I created in my computer.
(Someday I'll get to organizing external hard drives too.)
The one page that kept getting stuck and wouldn't scan ... I figured I didn't need.
The rest scanned beautifully and straight into my computer.
There really weren't a lot of them.

But how on earth do you know when you might just need a serious dose of Chocolate Lava Something or Another?!
Like today at work.
I was in serious want of chocolate.
I scrounged in my wallet and in the bottom of my work bag and finally found enough to get me a chocolate bar from the vending machine.
One of the quarters was so old and beat up that I wasn't sure the machine would even take it.
It did.
It took my money several times.
But it wouldn't give me any chocolate.
The chocolate was stuck.
Now if I had one of those molten chocolate things in my lunch bag ... the afternoon would have been that much sweeter!

The next file I labeled My Dream Palace.
I know what I want.
At least today.
It may be awhile before I am a palace owner again, but when it happens ....
my hubby will be kept mighty busy.
He likes being busy.

Then there are the fun pages that Country Living includes in their magazines.
This magazine is my absolute forever favorite.
Like, I could live inside many of those pages.
And if I started on the Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes ... I might never escape!

That would be the extent of my organization for this Monday.
The trash can received a little more of my stuff and maybe with a few minutes here and there, I'll be able to pitch one more of those chunky binders in the trash can by the weekend.

I'm working towards pitching the entire tall shelf in the trash.
My work is cut out for me!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Home office

This is the brainchild.
My problem is this. We have a master bedroom that is too small to house an office.
We do have an empty bedroom, but it is also the guest room.
If I put up my table/desk in there, then I have to move it out when I have visitors.
All of my paperwork is stored in that bedroom.
The closet currently holds thousands of photos in boxes, an air bed in its bag, extra pillows, etc.
All of that can probably take a hike and find another home.
In a jaunt through Pinterest the other day, I happened to start looking at closet office ideas.
And ... I think this might work!
I can't do the chevron thing.
I'm not changing paint color.
I do have a deep filing cabinet already in that closet, so that takes up some room.
But, I figured it just might be workable.
This would be the brainchild of the
If You Give a Mom a Project ....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

last week

Sign seen in a restaurant restroom.

Little Mr. Wyatt who is growing up so fast!
He has the most infectious smile.
Makes you just make silly noises at him so he'll share another one with you.

Then there is the other little one.
He scoots around in his walker and is slowly getting into everything.
Sadly, my piano doesn't have a cover on it.
Not sadly for the great sounds that come from it,
but maybe sadly for the little hands that have free and unlimited access.
This ought to get interesting! 

Hubby working on the quad.
Take a good look at this picture.
The goal was to change tires to sand tires.
Goal was accomplished ....

even though it was in a most interesting fashion.
I really dared not look at it.
I was sort of safer inside.
Off they went Friday evening to visit those dunes that I might just rename the
Dangerous Dunes.
Jari came home as he left.
A few others didn't.
I almost can't believe it myself, but we've scheduled a trip there that includes me.
I'm going to be the Babysitting Nana.
I might ride, but I'm sure to snuggle.

Their leaving ushered in the rest of us crafting.
Blayde and Charlene working on centerpiece decorations for the wedding.
I'm not sharing the done picture.
You'll have to come to see that in person.
They turned out fabulous.

As for me .... I started something like
If You Give a Mom a Project.
It took up a few hours of my time and is nearly done.
Share coming soon.
Although I beg you excuse the quality of this photo,
I hope the content makes your heart smile as it did ours.
This little cherub was having quite a challenge with the length of the purse strap.
Grandpa was most willing to help her out.

Hoping to see you again this week sometime!

Monday, January 5, 2015

long weekends = projects

We have been looking for a cab over camper for the truck for several years. When folks sell these things they want to trade all your appendages for them! 
Jari found one in Tucson several weeks ago at a basement sale price ... because everything fell through roof and the inside was a MESS! He took some photos before he started .... serious disaster. 

First ... the gutting. 
This hubby of mine is just the handiest guy around. He is much more a rough carpenter than a finish carpenter (and freely admits it) but this little baby is turning out quite sweet!

Since I took these pictures yesterday morning ... it already has a completely different look. He is working his way from the front to the back and making design changes as he works. 

I get to play with the pile of leftovers.  
He did cut one piece for me and then realized afterward that I had sort of taken off with a piece he was planning on using.
I have been working on making signs for the Winter Services craft sale. So fun!

We are changing the majority of the camper inside away from the wood look. It is going light in color. I found some color palettes on Pinterest yesterday, one of which I'm adding here. Not only for paint but cushion redos, curtains and all that fun stuff.

It is sort of making my senses tingle with anticipation. Ours, obviously, doesn't have the same space as the photo below but ... I love the look!

Show you more later. Jari has been spending long days out there working. It won't be long and we will have a nice little guest room out back!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

phone shots

Christmas has come and gone.
That happens in a hurry every year and seems to go by quicker all the time.
It. Was. Wonderful.
The goodies are still flowing around here but we are having HAPs here Saturday nite so that should take care of those!

A few pictures from my phone lately. 

Does every house have one of these catchall places? The weather is chilly around these parts and the jackets and blankets keep piling up! 
Note that even the Carharts are out of storage this winter!

We spent the afternoon in Prescott last Saturday. Jari hopped on the quad and survived it while these younguns played a game I haven't played in years! 

A find in the bathroom this week. 

He's a good Finn. Asked me if I noticed the thumb print pushing the last of the toothpaste out of the tube. I hadn't. Had to go back and look again. 

Mr. Sebastian is moving! He finds the toy basket. Is hauling himself up along furniture and busy investigating. 

Miss. Tia lost her drivers license. Not as in lost to the state but lost to some "safe place". DMV time for the two of us on New Years Eve. I was going to try the kissy face thing, but she was getting embarrassed by my inability to even take a selfie ... let alone one with lip action going on.

We did go to a party after church last night for a little while and then came home. Up way too early this morning but we made some serious tracks around here today. Enough tracks that neither one of us are capable of moving this evening! I should have been taking photos of what Jari is working on. I'll get some tomorrow.

Christmas stuff is out of the house. This tree making business ... and the purchase of an artificial tree this Christmas ... added another large tote and a hockey bag to the Christmas stuff. 

While I was at it ... pictures moved around the house walls ... entertainment center and shelves moved ... 

Ham bone soup to warm the human bones on this chilly day. Delish!

And this evening ... when I can barely move my bones off the couch ...
the last of the prune tarts. 

Happy New Year to you!
I have no resolutions. 
I do have many goals for the coming year and am looking forward to meeting them ... one at a time!
May this year be one filled with health and happiness in your homes.