Wednesday, April 30, 2014

using it up and cleaning it out

I've started.
I'll give myself that much at least!
Started cleaning out spaces and places.
A person can hold on to a lot of things with good intentions.
First up was burp cloths.
Combine a flannel sheet no longer being used
with some summery print that came from somewhere a while ago.
Turn them into utilitarian, if not exactly darling, burp cloths.
One down!!

Then came the pillow. I'm a fan of pillows and can never have enough. Apparently I'm also into red pillows!

A screaming deal at Goodwill 6 months ago or so finally got covered with a piece of fabric that should have hit the trash bin a long time ago but hung around waiting for this opportunity. Reusing, recycling, repurposing ... anything that gives something a new look without spending more than a nickel is my kind of thing. Although a contrasting closure on this pillow might add some serious pop to it. That would have necessitated a trip to the store and that just wasn't happening.

I have a visiting pigeon problem over here and sometimes they like to fly around and leave droppings in the most disgusting places. I needed a pillow cover that was removable so made this one envelope style. Then, rather than closing it in the back, decided to make the closure in the front.

Attach a strip of fabric to the inside of the envelope ....

Add some rather crude button holes to the front of the envelope and feed the fabric through ...

Tie up the fabric in a bow and voila! Yet another pillow to lounge with when hanging outdoors.

There is something about sitting with the sewing machine or the craft supplies that just brings about a sense of calm. Another might find that in the kitchen. Someone else with a book. A spa might be your place. The garden ....

I could be nearly comatose if I took the sewing machine into the garden.

Monday, April 28, 2014

17.52 motivational monday

When you have nothing to laugh about,
laugh anyway.
Soon you'll feel the healing power of joy and laughter
bringing new energy and life to your weary, frustrating day.
-Thelma Wells
I'm almost sorry if you're a health nut and coming here to visit today.
Brock told me the other day that he can always count on candy over here.
I ran into Target the other day to fill a list of essential items
and happened by the 50% Easter candy aisle.
What on earth is a girl to do?!
She buys some laughs.
That's what she does.
She figures she'll get a good giggle out of someone.
If not a giggle, she's sure to elicit a smile.

This mama or nana, or whichever hat I'm wearing today, doesn't eat anything tart.
If I did, there wouldn't even be a hint of a smile going on.
The last of the season's Cadbury mini eggs were on the same set of shelves.
Now ... I'm starting to feel the smile coming on.

That smile led to a giggle and that giggle .....

straight on to full blown laughter that radiated joy.
Head on over to Amber to share some laughs today!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

creating a keepsake

Prior to Duke leaving our family,
we made a valiant attempt to capture his paw prints.
I don't honestly know what I thought I was going to do with InstaMold.
Maybe make a mold?
Either I can't read instructions or the stuff is completely worthless.

I really did make an attempt ... several different times.

Another trip to Hobby Lobby got us the kit for making a stone type thing. That's all well and good, but we needed five of them. We tried getting his paw into a bowl filled with mud mix and he wasn't standing so good ... this was the best of five. Not impressed with that either!

The vet had made us a print in Sculpey clay before they left with him. It is absolutely beautiful. That was one. I still needed five more.

Off to Hobby Lobby again ... this time for Sculpey clay. Being the budget and coupon conscious person that I am, I came home with several colors that could be purchased in greater quantitites and one dark one. When the vet did Duke's print, they used three packages of Sculpey to get one print. He had something akin to hooves at the end of his legs!

Supplies at the ready, including stamps for his name, I started rolling and kneeding clay.

Using the original as a mold, I made another. Obviously, this one turned out raised rather than indented. I smoothed out the backwards written Duke and restamped it. Punched a hanging hole with a straw and sent it and another to the oven to bake. 

Once the raised ones were finished, I made two more from it. I did lose a little bit from the lifting of the clay, but was still happy with the results.
While I was busy kneeding, I apparently overdid this one! Was rather horrified and sad that the clay had all turned to gray. Yet, in the end, it turned out to be my favorite.

They certainly aren't perfect, but each of our children will have a keepsake of their beloved Duke.

And that matters.

Monday, April 21, 2014

16.52 motivational monday

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.
The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
- Thomas A. Edison

Or 190 more times being as the subject is the most darling little guy ever!

Now that we have a little guy in our world,
the camera might be doing some overtime.
Trying one more time to capture a full on smile.
Linking to Amber!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Last week found on my phone

Somedays I just love a trip to the post office. 

Goodbye kisses. 

Interesting attempts at getting paw prints. 

Nursing baby with peek a boo fingers. 

The cutest piggies ever. 

Helping Alyx & Tarron move from a 3rd floor apartment to a 2nd floor one. 
Across. The. Courtyard. 
Call that a workout!

Sebastian was completely clueless.
It takes a lot of energy to grow double chins.

A load on Sunday left our place and moved to that new apartment. 

Am I ready for this week?
• Tax return extensions were filed for the first time. Ever. 
• No groceries in the house once again. 
• No school for me this week so who cares if there is food here or not. Life. Is. Good. 
• Checking out a new dentist on Friday. We are overdue for that around here. 
• I have enough Coke Rewards points for a free 8x8 photo book. I can't wait to finish one! 
Hope your week is as enjoyable as mine is so far!

Monday, April 14, 2014

15.52 motivational Monday

We went camping the other weekend and we always camp in the rough it fashion.
Tia and Brielle found a safe out of the way spot to use for a restroom.
While Tia was in mid squat with Brielle playing the role of t.p. holder,
from the other side of the tree,
they heard the distinct sound of the rattles.
The rattler was coiled and aimed to strike.
The crashing through the bushes combined with
yelling of the girls brought guys and gals running to the rescue.
The girls were promptly saved!

When someone cares
It is easier to speak
It is easier to listen
It is easier to play
It is easier to work
When someone cares it is easier to laugh.
-Susan Polis Schultz
.... and did we laugh!

Linking up to Amber again!

Friday, April 11, 2014


I know that Duke wasn't our father. He wasn't our mother.
He wasn't our son or daughter.
He was our friend for a very long time.
He was the best dog a family could ask for.
I'm a nurse who sees all manner of life sustaining treatment
conducted and I've often wondered why.
On Monday I had a little inkling of the "why".
Duke has been hurting for quite a while.
Somedays were better than others,
but there were days when his bottom had a very hard time lifting off the floor.
There were days when he fell trying to step into the house
and was much too heavy for one person to lift.
There were days when it took 2 men to pick him up off the tile floor
because his joints wouldn't work.
Last weekend when we were camping,
there were moments when the pain wouldn't let him keep standing.
If I could have, I would have loved for him to stay in the trees
and never come home from last weekend.
Monday evening I wondered how I'd ever dare leave my daughter
home alone without him to guard her.
I wondered who was going to let me know when a stranger
was at the door.
I wondered if I'd ever feel safe again
and I'm not a paranoid person.
I wondered if we could just keep him here with us a little while longer.
But I know that a little while longer would never be enough.
We all wanted him here for the rest of our lives.

We've had a week of good byes.
Maybe because I love him more than words can say,
Jari is in Minnesota today while we bid our final farewell to Duke.
I baked Duke pulla today and he ate the entire loaf, fresh out of the oven,
butter dripping from his face.
Pepperoni all day long.
And if I had a Fazer chocolate bar ... I'd have given him that too.
Well, maybe not.
He's inhaled that before and survived the experience.

If you're in Phoenix and need the services of pet euthanasia,
I now have someone I can highly recommend.
His end was peaceful, in fact I've not seen him breathing as easily for a long time.
I'm imagining that he is off laying in fields of dandelions,
watching for an ambling moose to come along.
His back is to me and my loved ones as it always was.
Just in case some danger was lurking where I couldn't see it.
Maybe he's waiting for the snow to fall so he can lap it up.
I want him where the grass is green,
the air is clear and cool,
and the breeze is rustling his thick coat.

Good bye my friend.
I'll miss you.

Monday, April 7, 2014

14.52 motivational monday

Always do your best.
What you plant now, you will harvest later.
-Og Mandino

We spent the weekend camping with three of our children, the loved ones
they bring to our family, and a small group of friends and relatives.
It is these plantings that continue to provide a plentiful harvest.

Linking up to Amber this month.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

a baby shower and a baby!

Saturday afternoon we had a few folks over for a fun filled afternoon.
We showered the soon to be mom with all kinds of treasures for
the new life that is soon to be born.
She has this perfect basketball (well, maybe a beach ball) that she is carrying around.
I never looked like that ... it comes from her father's side of the family.
We are all getting anxious to meet this little guy.
We (not she) are planning on camping this coming weekend and she thinks
it would be a grand idea to have the baby while we're gone.
I'm not sharing the thought.

 I actually wrote this on Sunday and scheduled the post for today.
Then Sunday evening I got a text from the mommy to be asking if I was
working at the Tempe campus of my hospital the following day.
If I was .... I might get to visit her.

9:20 pm: yup ... at the hospital
10:21 pm: being admitted
2:27 am: enjoying the luxury of the epidural
4:43 am: water broke

I've never had a daughter in labor before and I don't remember
spending such a sleepless nite in a long time.
The last text was received as I was getting ready to leave for work.
Then there was silence.
Absolute silence.
Drive me crazy kind of silence.
So, after I had finished what I HAD to get done,
I took a trip down to the other end of the hospital to find out what was happening.
And being as I was told to not hurry back ... I didn't.
I stayed for about an hour and got to meet our first grandchild.
He is absolutely perfect.

And I don't happen to be biased one bit.
6 lbs 13.9 oz
19.5 inches of blessings.
"Let the spoiling being!" was one comment on Facebook.
Spoiling .... maybe.
Loving ... for sure.

Of course, we trooped down there Monday evening after we all made it home
from the obligations of our day.
They are all looking right fine and happy.

I think they need a date night real soon.
I just want to sit and snuggle.