Wednesday, July 30, 2014

can you spell crafting?

The prefix for any crafting around here is either wedding or baby.
I've been trying to get a few pictures here and there for
these lovely ladies to have later on.
In one week .... Saturday to Saturday .....
Bridget working on decorations for their wedding.
I had hauled home a freebie crib a while back with plans to make it into a bench.
I probably wouldn't have gotten around to that anyway,
and the crib was needed so we started refinishing it.
I did some sanding the other weekend and started with the spray paint.
Came home from work one day and the crib was finished.
Dear hubby/dad/papa got the sander and sprayer out .... and voila!
So, being the anxious Nana that I am, we set it up in the living room to make sure all the pieces were there.
Needed to buy a few more screws, but it is done!
And by the end of weekend it was delivered to where the little cherub can actually sleep in it.

Check that one off the list!
On to the next one.
Friday I hit the kitchen with the goal of getting rid of things and cleaning.
The appliances moved, got cleaned over and under, and I found this lovely little dial on my bottom drawer in the refrigerator!
I am totally dibble sometimes.
Everything kept freezing in my fridge and it was getting rather frustrating.
Great to keep a bag of ice in the bottom drawer of the fridge, but really?!
I got that dial moving and my tomatoes have been safe since.
Small canning jars?
In love with them.
They hold everything you ever needed!
I had a serious cheering section, in the form of daughters, going on.
They were waiting to see what they could haul out of here.
I love having big kids that I can pass off things to.
Helps me out in the getting rid of guilt department.
Saturday was crafting for Blayde & Charlene's wedding.
Although the wedding is still 10 months away ... she's a bit like me.
Get those buggers crossed off the list and quit worrying about them.
So we did.
 Is this photo vague enough?

Gal party doing centerpieces ... and they are (drumroooolllllll) done!!


The bride makes the decisions and we get to work. So fun!

Use and reuse is my motto.
I could almost click my heels.
Several boxes of wedding deco left my laundry room and moved on over to Char's house ...
all redone!

Sir Sebastian who knows what it takes to be held.
He is hilarious!
Has that pout thing down pat.
And ... makes it known that he wants to be held upright with a view to the world.

Saturday was a tad bit windy and we went through a good deal of flying spray paint.
Rule #754: Unless you're really blind and need them ....
lose the glasses before spraying paint in the wind.
(I'm not even going to discuss the color of nose hairs!)

I think I got most of it off now, but I really can't see them if they're not on so .....
someone will tell me I'm sure!

That's it for here folks.
A bit all over the place but, hey, that seems to be my world.

Monday, July 28, 2014

30.52 motivational monday

 Sorry about the half mast eyes, Alyx!
When I was a child, love to me was what the sea is to fish;
something you swim in while you are going about the important affairs of life.
-P.L. Travers

 Important affairs like discovering the world around you more each day.
Not using the thumb as a pacifier, but using it for a teething toy.
Watching you learn how to fake a cry so arms will hold you.
You chatter nonstop telling us unbelievable tales.
The sea around you becomes more interesting each day,
while the adults around you look like we have our noses pressed
right up to the edge of the fish bowl.
Making silly faces, silly noises, snuggling and loving.
Waiting to see what it is you're going to discover next week.
Oh, yes.
Your sea is full of love.
Linking to Rachael ....

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

it must be the heat

Found this sitting around with the still needs posting label hanging around.
You've probably already heard me complaining about this little piece of knowledge.
If not .... grab a mufin and come read!
The heat.
It is downright kicking my butt.
Wiped out.

Maybe it had something to do with the last week.
Kind of run til you drop day after day.

Then on Monday I thought it had something to do with carbs.
I've been trying to watch what I eat.
I get derailed constantly, but am still trying.
Monday I went on carb overload and couldn't keep my eyelids open at all in the evening.

I also learned something incredibly disappointing on Monday.
Being as google has the answers to almost everything,
we asked it a few questions about calories on Monday at work.

What we found is still shocking.

I am also finding new ways to justify almost anything I put into my mouth.
I'll probably milk that for a while.

Here is the problem.
Do you buy the muffins at Costco?
Those really big blueberry ones that would probably feed a family but get eaten in one sitting ....
by one person?
If you really like them, hit the red X at the top right of your screen before reading any further.
'Cuz you are about to be horrified.

Total calories 612
Fat 32 g
Carbs 71g
Sugar 45g (or abouts there)
Protein 8 g

I know. Absolutely ridiculous.
I am a sweets person. Not a salty person.

So, we headed over to my favorite maple iced donut at Dunkin Donuts to see how many of those I could eat.

Calories 270
Fat 15g
Carbs 32g
Sugar 17g
Protein 4g
Whew! I think I can justify still having a donut.
But I'd probably be better off just eating this little bugger instead.

Calories in a medium size apple ...
a mere 95.
Is it any wonder we have a growing obesity problem in in this nation?!
Let's just biggie size everything ... except the calorie count.
Photos courtesy of google images.

Monday, July 21, 2014

29.52 motivational monday

Love is the fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand.
-Mother Teresa

 We gathered in Brainerd last Sunday to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of
two incredibly special people ...
our parents.

It was a beautiful day.

Linking to Rachael this July.

Friday, July 18, 2014

home on a friday

after weeks of busy Fridays
after weeks of traveling Fridays

Today I was home and planning on sitting on my computer for a while.
I managed for a bit and then life kicked in and I moved on to something else.

The girls and I spent a little time in Minnesota,
traversing different parts of the state and putting on a few miles.
At one point I wondered if I hadn't passed the same gas station 6 times.
And that gas station wasn't in any metro area.

We left in this ....

When I asked why we were boarding the plane, I was told that they were trying to beat the first
good monsoon storm in Phoenix.
"Honey, it is in the parking lot" was my response.
In case you missed the posts on FB or the news media ... this is what it looked like from the air.
We waited on the ground. 15 to 20 minutes ... another 15 minutes ... and yet another 15 minutes.
I'd much rather sit and wait for the airport to reopen and the runway to be cleared of debris.
Much rather.

I had rented a car with the thought that our luggage would fit in the trunk. The girls and I figured it would work. The benefit of flying into Minneapolis in the middle of the night is that you upgrade free of charge very quickly. Thank goodness for that! We were a little over confident I think. It must be a traveling with girls and baby thing. I've never packed so many shoes as I did this time. And that red duffel bag you see there ... that was mine. Did pretty good!

Anna, Tia and I were in Minnesota for nearly 6 days before Alyx and Sebastian joined us.
We are going to do this again ...
I've suggested a weekend in San Diego for our next girl getaway.

After oodles of miles, thousands (I'm not kidding.) of people, celebratory events on both sides of the family and visits with many friends along the way ....

we woke our last morning in Minnesota to delicious temps of 56 degrees.
We ran from rain clouds as we spent hours waiting for a delayed flight, running from shop to store looking for a donut and coffee ...
finding a few other treats along the way.

Our fellow young traveler was more than ready to get back to his own routines at home
... and his daddy.
Don't you just want to reach into this picture and nuzzle those cheeks?
He's such a cuddle bug and smiley.
Unless it is 9:30ish pm and he isn't at home.
Then maybe there isn't a smile to be found and he isn't interested in anything other than making loud unpleasant noises.

I'll be back with some more pictures. As usual, my camera doesn't have nearly enough on it but my heart and memory are full of images, visits and experiences.

And that, my friends, is what I cherish most.

Monday, July 14, 2014

28.52 motivational monday

Determine never to be idle.
No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time
who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done 
if we are always doing.
-Thomas Jefferson

And then there are those moments when idle is about all we can accomplish.
When our eyes won't stay open another moment.
When we need just a moment of rest to make it to the next moment of crazy business.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

27.52 motivational monday

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. 
- Henry David Thoreau

Welcome July and a new round of hopping this month! Next up is Rachael this month. 

I am in Minnesota on vacation for a bit sans laptop or ability to do anything with photos that I haven't even taken.  Anna, Tia and I spent the weekend at our Summer Services seeing so many people that we haven't seen in ages and leaving refreshed. It might be several years before we have the opportunity to do this again. Alyx joins us girls on Wednesday of this week with Sebastian ... and we've got some serious hopping around to do!