Monday, March 27, 2017

365: week 12

77/365: Why does a nice vacation always end this way?
#longlines #tsaonholiday

In retrospect, I am changing the title of this.
77/365: So many fortunate people traveling to and from loved ones. 

78/365: 90 something degrees at home today .. having a pining for my winter jacket!

79/365: A typical Tuesday in my working world.

80/365: Breathe.

81/365: The escape artist showing us how it works.

82/365: Auntie snuggles.

83/365: Absolutely beautiful weather + playing with projects = thrilled mama.

It has been a post vacation week. Why are those so difficult?!

Jari doesn't have time to be the laundry man anymore so I was down to the last pair of socks by Friday. The refrigerator is probably a project piece and the house ... well, it has been a long work week for both of us.

I have had the sweetest snuggles from the smallest charmers making me the luckiest Nana in the whole wide world.

Saturday I was up at 5 a.m. doing taxes. It is crazy but it is what it is. I didn't push the send button. I don't like the numbers. After several hours of that, I headed outside. The day was beyond beautiful and I started attacking projects one after the other. This is how I roll. I work on a number of things at the same time, working on one thing until I've run out of material and need to stop. I add needed things to my every changing Home Depot list and then move on to the next thing until the same thing happens again. I pack them away and next Friday (if I've managed to pick up supplies along the way) I pull them out. If I haven't .. I move on to the next thing. There is a 0% chance of boredom over here.

I need some metal brackets and then my last photo of the week project is done! I've been looking at it for way too long ... going on several years now. It is going to live at my daughters house but I need to make sure it isn't going to fall off the wall on the heads of some littles before it goes.

I also brought home some boxes from work this week. Often I have one sitting by the front door, other times it lives in the trunk of my car. Cleaning out things can be so challenging, but oh so rewarding when it is done. One space at a time ... slowly.

We are off to church this morning and then a lunch date. Home for a nap .. we hope .. and then off to another visit.

Have yourself a wonderful week. If it is one that brings you challenges, remember this:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

365: week 11

71/365: A precious end to a Sunday filled with loved ones.

72/365: Keeping tabs on the great race. Someday I'd like to be in Nome! 

73/365: Yup. There are certainly days when a woman's place is in the kitchen.

74/365: Ice sculpture. 

74/365: While I craft .. he makes dinner. What a treat. What a dad.

75/365: Cell phones at HAPs ...ain't just the young ones!

76/365: Celebrating the end of projects at #371diner with some fine fare!

Post week commentary:

The week started with a family birthday party for this lady. These years just keep on keeping on and blessings abound. It was a fun fun day. In years past we spent many days surrounding our piano with music filling the rooms. I really miss that. It was a very special way to end the day.

Iditarod. We've been the start and the restart several times. Former colleagues have run this race, another runs the sweep behind the racers every year, yet another young daughter of one is going to take her first run at it next year. Had I never lived in Alaska ... it might not be so close to my heart. The sheer determination, work and awesomeness of the journey get me every year. And yet I'm most thankful to see the photos from my arm chair.

I flew to Minnesota on the red eye Tuesday nite and got to Brainerd about 9 a.m. Wednesday morning. We visited and I worked on projects for Mom. She has macular degeneration and it is affecting her ability to do the things she loves. I can't imagine not being able to see. We both love to create. I can't imagine not being able to do that. Not being able to see clearly to type. So I am honored that she allowed me to work on her projects. And imagine just creating while being fed breakfast, lunch and dinner by dad. Awesomeness!!

Visits. Usually when I am in the same place as my parents, so are a number of other people. Often it is housefuls of people. While that is nice too, there really isn't any quiet one on one or one with two visiting time. Even more than working on projects and being cooked for ... I treasure the time I was able to spend with just the two of them.

Lucky me.

Monday, March 13, 2017

blankets for wee little luvs

I started making baby blankets for our little grandbabies when they're born.
I made them for all of mine .. well kinda.
They were a mishmash of maybe made by me but usually had the final touches by me.

I have a problem with self confidence and choosing fabric.
I see so many bright colored blankets that are so fun and I can't seem to manage it!
A walk through the fabrics at Joann's and nothing hits my fancy, so I settle.
Perhaps I need to start looking online.

Anyway, little Dominic isn't so little anymore and Friday I finally finished this!
He was born right before the fall market sale and let me tell you .. blankets weren't happening then.
And then it was prepping for Christmas and miles of sewing gifts, followed by the inability to get anything done at all.

The fabric finally made it's way to the cutting table and the sewing machine.
Not bright at all ...

but snuggly soft.
I've given up on the sewing minky.
I don't like to sew it and I really don't like it period.
I backed my own babies blankets with soft flannel and have decided that it's okay to continue.
Being as 90 degree temps are showing up this week ... the blanket is light enough to still use.

Being as my interests are all over the board, being an accomplished perfectionist in the sewing department isn't going to be on my list.
I have figured out binding as long as you don't look too closely.

I really want to try some machine quilting and was going to order a foot from Amazon.
However, I struck gold.
Last fall I took a sewing machine with oodles of attachments out of a cabinet to make it a drink stand.
Looking through those attachments I found just what I was looking for .. along with a few more things I've had a yen for.
No blue ribbon winning going on here, but it's a start!
My Pinterest boards are filling with quilting pattern ideas and I have the top part of a throw (sitting tucked in a drawer for a few years now) that is going to see some serious needle action. Hopefully sometime soon. I'll share .. if it is sharable .. when it does.

Spend some time this week doing something you love!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

365: week 10

64/365: Wild game for dinner .. he's lovin' the taste of this particular breed of moose. #teethingbaby #developthosetastebuds

65/365: A quick stop at SAS today and I couldn't resist. I think the owner of this rig was at the counter buying all kinds of blingy fringe .. while holding her little pooch. Wonder where she is going to fit that .. the inside was as full as the outside! #imnotapackratafterall

66/365: #thepathtravelled

67/365: Morning hydration plan. #whonedsfoodanyway

68/365: 33,438/60/24 .. if my math is right this poor patient has been in the line for over 22 days. Wonder if they've eaten. #corporateideasthatjustdontwork

69/365: Blanket finally done for the nearly five (!) month old little luv. If I start another one now ...

70/365: Throwing it back a few days to a fun evening with a group of younger folks & introducing them to the Paivamies game.

Yup. Vacation is here!! It hasn't had the level of productivity I would really like to see, but isn't that the way life goes? There are plans and then there are the real days.

This last photo was taken Thursday evening. So much fun to have these young people over, visit with them and hear their laughter. Our home has been missing this. This group included kids from different parts of the country here for a few months or a week or living here. Here nonetheless. Have to do it again sometime soon .. real soon. Our hearts are glad to know who our daughter is spending time with and to know these young folks.

I have pulled a dumpster full (well not full but nearly!) of weeds in the past week. We have had a very wet winter and forgot to put down some preemergent stuff this year. Oh my goodness. Weeds and weeds and weeds. I think I might have them under control. The allergies not so much. I've not suffered from allergies in years. The last week has been challenging in that department. I'll bet there are new breeds of things blooming from all that rain!

There are some posts twirling around in my brain that haven't made it here yet. From anxiety and new beginnings to mourning and inactivity. Maybe in the next week I'll manage to put some of those thoughts into words when I have a moment or two of quiet. For the next few days though, I'm hoping to craft a bit before I taxi down a runway and head for mitten country. Then again, I might need to pack my sandals. You just never know.

This morning I'm enjoying a cool 59F with temps heading to 89 here in Phoenix today.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

365: week 9

57/365: Found some moments to visit with this man over the weekend.

58/365: If you can't have an A&W drive in .. drive thru dining might just work on the way from here to there.

59/365: The only dry spot of road on my commute early this morning. #rainrainrain

60/365: What a beautiful way to stat a new month .. listening to the organ played as it was intended by a professional who has incredible talent. May I remember a little of what I learned this evening.

61/365: When Fred comes to town. #nofilterneededexceptformymouth

62/365: For the first time ever ... walked out with less than I went in with. Returns obviously aren't my thing.

63/365: Love that moment when you take the first article of clothing out of the dryer, nicely spotted, and realize that your chapstick was left in a pocket that went through the laundry. #oopsididitagain

These might be a bit humdrum somedays but this is the reality of life here. Run to work, eat some food, do some laundry, hit a store here or there (hopefully there is food in at least one of them!) and smile at my dear hubby. Sometimes we smile at each other through delirium .. but lately we smile a lot.

My burger was eaten on the way to see Ernest Huhta of Naturale Alternatives. This was a first time experience for me and I don't know why I've waited so long. By the way, he was in town. I didn't eat my burger in flight or anything like that. I made a mistake and didn't drink nearly enough water afterward, even though I was told. I've done the same silly thing after an intense massage and paid dearly for it. Other than that ... I'm feeling so much better! In fact, so much better that I'm planning to go for another treatment in the next several weeks. I have a spine issue as a result of unguided gym activity years ago. Apparently, somehow I've also managed to tear a muscle in my tuchus that has led to scar tissue which is causing some nerve problems. If you know me ... I don't have time for that! There are things to be done in life!

So ends another week. My Monday evening dinner is ready to heat tomorrow after a long day for both of us. Hubby is at the Home & Garden Show all afternoon today. I'm thinking about a nap, but first car reservations and blogging. 

Countdown to a week's vacation is on! Four ... count 'em ... four days left!

365: week 8

50/365: Going to be a busy year.

51/365: Miles of scissor action to get some face chenille.

52/365: I lean toward murder/mayhem mystery books but sometimes I find myself in the pages of a story that I just have to share and recommend. #fantasticread

53/365: Check that one off the list before the busy weekend begins!

54/365: A stop for snuggles today .. and maybe some sugar sprinkles.

55/365: Refreshing and noursing.

56/365: Lovely lady laboring over lunch.

Almost through a very busy and exhausting weekend. So much fun to have Fred with us this year .. lots of visiting and solving the world's problems late into the evening. It is amazing how everything comes together with the willing hands and hearts of so many people ... year after year.