Wednesday, July 23, 2014

it must be the heat

Found this sitting around with the still needs posting label hanging around.
You've probably already heard me complaining about this little piece of knowledge.
If not .... grab a mufin and come read!
The heat.
It is downright kicking my butt.
Wiped out.

Maybe it had something to do with the last week.
Kind of run til you drop day after day.

Then on Monday I thought it had something to do with carbs.
I've been trying to watch what I eat.
I get derailed constantly, but am still trying.
Monday I went on carb overload and couldn't keep my eyelids open at all in the evening.

I also learned something incredibly disappointing on Monday.
Being as google has the answers to almost everything,
we asked it a few questions about calories on Monday at work.

What we found is still shocking.

I am also finding new ways to justify almost anything I put into my mouth.
I'll probably milk that for a while.

Here is the problem.
Do you buy the muffins at Costco?
Those really big blueberry ones that would probably feed a family but get eaten in one sitting ....
by one person?
If you really like them, hit the red X at the top right of your screen before reading any further.
'Cuz you are about to be horrified.

Total calories 612
Fat 32 g
Carbs 71g
Sugar 45g (or abouts there)
Protein 8 g

I know. Absolutely ridiculous.
I am a sweets person. Not a salty person.

So, we headed over to my favorite maple iced donut at Dunkin Donuts to see how many of those I could eat.

Calories 270
Fat 15g
Carbs 32g
Sugar 17g
Protein 4g
Whew! I think I can justify still having a donut.
But I'd probably be better off just eating this little bugger instead.

Calories in a medium size apple ...
a mere 95.
Is it any wonder we have a growing obesity problem in in this nation?!
Let's just biggie size everything ... except the calorie count.
Photos courtesy of google images.

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