Monday, June 5, 2017

365: week 21


It is difficult to fathom that the human who leaves this mess behind her (and this is just a small portion of the watershed) every time she leaves the restroom is the mother of 2 boys.


Dinner for two ... not ten.


The little cousins playing tunes while the ....


Bigger cousins have some rough and tumble time!
#boysgettingbig #blessedarethenoisemakers


Very special visitors spending the weekend with us. They are quite the team. When macular degeneration starts taking your eyesight it's good to have a handy needle threader at the ready.


Afternoon coffee visits.
#bluberrydelight #sharingsadnews


#familyday #newphonelearningcurve

We had a great weekend with the folks in town .. so blessed that they feel well enough to travel here and stay with us!

Now let's see if I can get week 22 up here before we leave town on Thursday! Have a great one!

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