Friday, September 27, 2013

39:52 sweet

Project 52
39:52 sweet

Before I launch into my joy over the dollar store, more sweets to be found in Colorado this month!

While living in the honkin' metropolis of Phoenix doesn't afford much in the way of
country peace and quiet living,
it does afford such things as cheap sweet deals and crafting outlets galore.
Being as I am the queen of Only Buy a Dealdom, this affords me great pleasure.

Dollar store deals: candle stick, silver tray, white beads
Home Depot: chalkboard paint which I nearly purchase by the gallon because I would splash it everywhere!
Hobby Lobby: chalkboard marker which has made my life dreamy compared to a regular stick of chalk
Sam's Club: the best little bites of cheesecake this side of a forkful at The Cheesecake Factory
the j: without him ... the cheesecake wouldn't be nearly as sweet

If the cheesecake (because really, who can stop with one piece) doesn't send me into a sugar coma .....
the sweet projects just might.

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