Thursday, March 13, 2014

for the love of pete

I celebrated a birthday this week.
I'm not the big 50 yet, but getting a bit closer than I almost dare to admit.
The folks at work were extra kind and sugared me up
quite properly.
A dozen donuts .....

Enough chocolate cake to keep me plugged up until I'm 80.
Just to keep things honest here .... I am not responsible for the sole consumption
of over 3 pounds of cake.
There is something about this aging business that I'm not crazy about.
Like, does my body have a line on the wall calendar or what?
18 hours before I flipped another year,
I was timing hot flashes like they were contractions.
Like, seriously, what is up with that?
Every 30 minutes ... then every 20 minutes.
I was seriously ready to run for a camera and head to the hospital.
I texted my mom and said thanks.
She didn't reply.
Not 12 hours after that, I managed to bang my head
into an open cupboard door.
If these glasses survive on my face through all this head banging
(this wasn't the first time)
it will be an outright miracle.
My head still smarts ... and that was yesterday!
There's even more but some things just aren't worth sharing.
I was "kicked out" of work a wee bit early that day.
On my way to pick up Tia from school I had an extra 10 minutes so
I buzzed into Goodwill real quicklike.
I'm not a yoga pants wearer.
I stuff myself into blue jeans even after a long shift where you come home
bloated and feeling less than comforable in denim.
Even if it stretches.
Today, I said bag that business!
I came home with a few pair of comfy britches.
If I'm going to be cranking the air conditioner every 30 minutes
and eating chocolate nonstop 
(do you know that the weight of the huge chocolate cake from Costco is 7 pounds?!)
I may as well be comfortable doing it.
In the meantime, I'm seriously wondering what other fun things around the bend!
Don't tell me ... I probably couldn't bear it.

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