Saturday, June 14, 2014

it. is. complete.

363.34 MB of storage on laptop
47 papers written using PERRLA
(at least the papers I could count)
several amazing power point presentations
360 references used for citations in APA format ...
 too many discussion questions to count
544 days
financial expenditure = zero

If you've priced the cost of a RN to BSN program lately,
I'm very happy not to be adding to the trillions of dollars owed to the
federal government in student loan debt.
Very. Happy.
 After I unload my computer ... I'm off to basket weaving.
Haven't decided if I'm willing to go under water to do that or not.
Oh, and if you should hear me utter anything that includes the word "masters" ...
you have my permission to give me a good thunk.

Today I was going to do something crafty.
Instead, I cleaned the fridge, caught up on laundry,
hung up my ironing board, emptied the trunk and moved it.
Maybe I'll get crafty.
I'm going to take a nap first.

See ya.


  1. Congratulations! Finished! Is a wonderful feeling! You'll have plenty of crafting days coming up. :). Enjoy!

    1. Not only crafting, Keilah. I have freebie days to come up and visit you!

  2. Anita! Greetings :).. Hope you enjoy basket weaving.... I loved it; although I haven't done this recently. A little advice.... don't get into a buying spree and stock up on reed. I just gave away 2 large garbage bags of reed dt it had become too brittle (even tho I soaked it in glycerine water). I now just occasionally do an antler basket or a pine needle basket.
    Luv your blog!