Saturday, June 21, 2014

maternity shoot

My title is almost brilliant.
Or dorky. But whatever.
Let me tell you about this little maternity shoot.
This lovely young lady is my daughter.
She use to be a blingy kind of girl. Lotsa bling kind.
At the same time .. she loved the outdoors.
Riding ATVs, shooting, and all that other outside stuff.
Well ... maybe not weeding the garden.
She wanted nothing to do with that.
Before she was wearing the diamond ring that now graces her finger,
her future father-in-law took her out shooting.
Taught her what a scope was and how to use it.
And, yes, they were in a much more appropriate place
than a rocking chair in my living room.
Recently, her hubby Wylon inherited this piece
from his father ... the same man who was her teacher.

And someday ... the little guy she is carrying may peer down this same scope.
Maybe she'll teach him.
I hope I'm there to watch.

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