Wednesday, August 20, 2014

alphabet crafting

I have been crafting again, but there are some problems with the sharing.
Don't judge me, but I actually wrapped several Christmas gifts the week before last.
Kind of hard to share those things here when I know the recipients pop in to check.
This one I can now share!
I was looking for a baby shower gift that wasn't the usual and
found one on Pinterest or Etsy or somewhere.
I actually hit the purchase button at Etsy once in a while, but not if I can help it.
This was one of those.
I went about making some hanging letters with little tags on them.
First I layered fabrics with the backing, a piece of cotton or felt, a crinkly scrubbed up chip bag and the top fabric ... owls this time.

 I found a font on my computer that I thought would work.
This is not the one I used, but you get the idea. This paper is 8.5 x 11.
I wanted them a little smaller, so the letters I printed weren't quite so large.

The letters were cut out, placed on top of the stacked fabric and pinned in place.
Next came the cutting.

 Third coffee refill.
Don't ever forget that!

 Collect ribbons of every desirable size, color and design.
By the way, these spools were purchased from JoAnn Fabrics.
Handy with multicolored stuff on one roll.
I have enough to keep me going for a very long time.

 I cut tags of different lengths and inserted them into my layered alphabet.
No rhyme or reason. Just willy nilly.
Make sure they are pinned in place.

 Now for the fun part.
I have a cheap sewing machine and obviously have issues sewing straight lines
as I go around curves.
The first line I sewed was the innermost line.
I then trimmed the crinkly foil paper as closely as I could with the stack of material.
The second line was then sewn a little closer to the outer edge.
The goal of that was to avoid anything that baby could scratch him/herself with.

The tag at the upper side of the letter was left a little longer than the others.
To it, I attached a few of those hookie things that can be hooked together
and attached to a car seat or diaper bag ... or wherever your heart desires.

 And there you go!
One for Loretta. One for Graham.
The size of the completed letter (not including the extending tags) is about 6.5 inches.
I think they turned out rather cute.

 I didn't take any photos of the backs of what I'm calling the alpha tags.
However, I used some of the extra fabric to make some burp cloths to match.
So, one of the tags is chevron print on the back.
The other polka dot.

This crafting business is nearly therapeutic as gardening!

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