Sunday, August 10, 2014

color in a world of brown

The world can be a very stark place.
For some, the world is a seemingly endless path of the same brown.
An endless stretch of time with tiny bursts of color
that occasionally brighten a day.
The eyes cast downward,
watching the slow trod of feet in the same direction.
Gentle inclines and curves go undetected.
Delicate changes in scenery are indistinguishable.
From the current vantage point,
the path is endless.
Time is endless.
The brown is endless.
Yet, far ahead, down this seemingly endless path lies a corner.
Every path has its corner.
The path that is lush with green and vibrant with life has a corner.
So, too, does the path that is stark and brown.
The path that is lonely or achingly filled with loss.
The path that is seemingly forever.
Every path has its corner.

To this day, I have been fortunate.
It is for the others that I grieve.
The ones who are laying their loved one to rest in the next days.
The ones who are struggling to deal with loss on a daily basis.
The ones who are struggling with health issues.
Rest assured, we will all live in a world that is stark.
For loss in inevitable.
It is a part of living.
I, too, have lost friends who were most beloved.
God saw fit to carry me through those losses.
He carried me to a place where the grass was green again,
though perhaps a different shade of green.
He will also carry you.
He has promised.

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