Monday, June 30, 2014

26.52 motivational monday

When everything is astonishing,
nothing is astonishing;
this is how the world is to children.
-Antone Rivaroli

The ice cream man rolls down our street frequently.
Until the other day, when the "kids" were over, it has never been
stopped at our driveway.
A rare treat for sure.
Linking to Rachael for the last post of the month.
The last motivational post for the first half of the year.
Bring on July and the blistering heat that comes with it.
Maybe I'll get the ice cream man's cell phone number!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

brock & bridget

Congratulations to our newly engaged young couple!
Bridget has been a part of our family for a long time ...
in November I look forward to officially sharing, with her, the title of
Mrs. Marjanen.

So fun to be sharing in the planning of their special day
and sharing in their excitement!
Thank you, God.

Monday, June 23, 2014

25.52 motivational monday

The more help a person has in his garden,
the less it belongs to him.
- William H. Davis

I went to Kamp Kipa on Friday afternoon to take a turn in the role
of nursing duty for the last 24 hours of this camp.
As always ... so fun to be up there.
Even if my eagerness, prior to leaving, sometimes leaves much to be desired.
Watching these young folks all work together is amazing.
Lessons, cleaning, playing ....
gardens tended and nurtured by peers,
camp counselors, directors, kitchen help, and many more.
It is the building of a community victory garden
under the loving guide of the ultimate gardener.
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

maternity shoot

My title is almost brilliant.
Or dorky. But whatever.
Let me tell you about this little maternity shoot.
This lovely young lady is my daughter.
She use to be a blingy kind of girl. Lotsa bling kind.
At the same time .. she loved the outdoors.
Riding ATVs, shooting, and all that other outside stuff.
Well ... maybe not weeding the garden.
She wanted nothing to do with that.
Before she was wearing the diamond ring that now graces her finger,
her future father-in-law took her out shooting.
Taught her what a scope was and how to use it.
And, yes, they were in a much more appropriate place
than a rocking chair in my living room.
Recently, her hubby Wylon inherited this piece
from his father ... the same man who was her teacher.

And someday ... the little guy she is carrying may peer down this same scope.
Maybe she'll teach him.
I hope I'm there to watch.

Monday, June 16, 2014

24.52 motivational monday

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.
-Maggie Kuhn

I'm borrowing older pictures this week.
Just because.
Happy Father's Day to these two men who have always shared
such important places in my world.
The one who taught me to speak the truth ...
the other who holds that responsibility with yet another generation.
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

it. is. complete.

363.34 MB of storage on laptop
47 papers written using PERRLA
(at least the papers I could count)
several amazing power point presentations
360 references used for citations in APA format ...
 too many discussion questions to count
544 days
financial expenditure = zero

If you've priced the cost of a RN to BSN program lately,
I'm very happy not to be adding to the trillions of dollars owed to the
federal government in student loan debt.
Very. Happy.
 After I unload my computer ... I'm off to basket weaving.
Haven't decided if I'm willing to go under water to do that or not.
Oh, and if you should hear me utter anything that includes the word "masters" ...
you have my permission to give me a good thunk.

Today I was going to do something crafty.
Instead, I cleaned the fridge, caught up on laundry,
hung up my ironing board, emptied the trunk and moved it.
Maybe I'll get crafty.
I'm going to take a nap first.

See ya.

Monday, June 9, 2014

23.52 motivational monday

Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today,
because if you enjoy it today you can do it again tomorrow.
- James A. Michener
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Monday, June 2, 2014

22.52 motivational monday

There are a thousand tiny things from which we can weave
a bright necklace of little pleasures of one's life.
- Hermann Hesse

 In case you haven't noticed,
I've been wrapped around this little man's tiny fingers.
Oh. Yeah.
It isn't just me.
His size may be a half pint,
but he brings a pleasure that far outweighs any jewels found on earth.
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