Wednesday, February 4, 2015

it has been a wee bit

Crafting is happening, but life keeps interrupting.
I'm down to the next several days and by Saturday evening ... it needs to be put away.
'Cuz I have the first wave of special company coming to spend a week with us.
Power tools, paint supplies and little people all mixed together?
Probably not a great idea.
I might find a day or two for additional creativity several weeks from now.
If I do, that's great.
I can't guarantee it.
I have this cute long metally thing that I added candles to and stuck on the kitchen window sill a while back.

And then it became multi purpose.
It is filled with sand, or something like it that hubby had left from a job.
One day I had multiple brushes and sponges that needed drying ....
and I found the perfect place for them.

Adds a bit of color as well!

Tomorrow is sort of my Friday.
I do have a few hours of work on the real Friday, but it probably doesn't count.
I hope to share some finished projects with you before the weekend is done.

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