Monday, September 28, 2015

I didn't even go on vacation ...

Just got might busy living life. 

Several weekends ago I took off for the weekend, attending the annual Mothers Camp at Kamp Kipa. For at least the last 4 years that I've been back in Phoenix, our car ride starts with the same four ladies and usually has others added in ... changing every year. This year the twins joined our ride and were golden! 

As is typical for us, we leave rather early on Friday and round up riders. There is always a stop for Starbucks, usually at least one stop to pick up a Swip Swap item and then up the hill. We tried a new lunch spot this time. Not really my thing but fresh and sustaining! Then off to the mall. 
(These pictures are seriously out of order!) The mall visit always includes a visit to the massage people. I sort of got guilted into a 20 minute chair massage instead of the hoped for 30 but I'm spoiled in that department anyway. The mom of twins was much more deserving.

We made it to camp for a wonderful and refreshing weekend. The fellowship and discussions were blessed. The craft got done and we had some bang up help with it! 

I absolutely love this camp and can't imagine not attending. I really don't think I've missed one since I've become a mom.

A Starbucks stop in Prescott on the way home for one more round of yammering and on to daily life. 
The Thursday after Mothers Camp we joined in celebrating the first birthday of one of the cutest little men on earth. Once he got going on that frosting he had it down! Happy Birthday sweetie!
Another Friday dawned and we were packed and ready to go again. This time to Youth Days at Kipa. Youth Days is aged 15 and up singles (or others) who attend. We love this camp and have been able to attend most of them in some capacity. Jari joins me in the kitchen if he doesn't have other duties to attend to. He is an awesome pancake flipper and did a bangup job of fried rice in the grill for 100ish folks. Yup. He has a lifetime job. 

And then there is my friend Ronda who claims not to be able to navigate a kitchen. Wrong! I'm thinking she might need a Hobart mixer for a housewarming gift should she buy some real estate. I'm sure she will be thrilled.
In between our runs up the mountain, I've worked at my real job and spent some time helping folks eliminate their allergies. It's been a bit hopping around here. Not a whole lot of time to sit and update a blog. Sad. Really. 

In fact, I'm typing this on my phone as I sit in a parking lot in Cave Creek. Keep waiting for law enforcement of some kind to come and see what I'm doing. I went back up the hill today to spend the afternoon with Jari. He has been working up there for the past week and today happens to be the 30th anniversary of the day we started courting. That day we went to Sedona for the day. Today we managed a few hours of togetherness in the afternoon. 

It's looking hopeful that I'll be back on here this week but don't hold me to that!

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