Monday, September 7, 2015

this past week

was one of those crazy busy ones.
I don't know what happened, but I know it did!
I grocery shopped and had these wonderful meals planned for the entire week, even trying some new recipes off Pinterest.
I only had time to make dinner once this week.
That kind of week.
I've joined the madness of a group that is decluttering their lives and homes the month of September. In case you don't know what that is ... you get rid of 1 thing on the 1st, 2 things on the 2nd etc. I know I have things to get rid of, but I'm a repurposer of the highest order so getting rid of some things just isn't a possibility.
However, I bought these at a yard sale a while back and they're creepy enough to some of my kids ... they went out the door.
Platters left over from Anna's wedding nearly two years ago ... out the door.
I have more junk, piled into piles and waiting to leave. Yeah!! My pile is sitting behind the couch waiting to hit my trunk, but its getting closer to the trunk!
Being as I'm me, I can't just purge.
I think I sort of have to replace the purging.
I know what I'm doing with this, a spring for a crib, but the fact that I picked it up in the middle of purging ... and paid way too much for it ... was a bit frustrating. I got to that point with grocery shopping and couponing and had to quit. Now, apparently, I'm having issues with this kind of stuff!
But wait until you see it finished!!

Uh oh. Looks like I've had babies in my backseat dripping milk bottles or something.
Thursday evening the girls and I headed up the hill to Juha & Annette's to celebrate Gina's bridal shower. There was a bit of a traffic accident and we sat on the freeway for an extra hour, but fun it was! We sang ... we laughed ... and eventually we had to use our t.p. supply on the side of a dark road in the wind. Add more laughing.

Thursday the valley of the sun had some massive dust storms blow in. It sort of followed us up the hill ...

and I hoped no one had laundry on the line because I couldn't come up with a name for the scent.
Friday I ended up working and couldn't go in until around noon. So I headed for SAS Fabrics ... my go to place for reupholstering camper cushions.
We got another one. A better deal this time around with a whole lot less work needed!
This isn't the color scheme I was hoping for, but it is what I found.
And being as I'm a cheap skate .... the camper is going purples and tans this time around.
I dreamed up the curtain ideas sometime late last evening. Oh. My. Gosh. They are going to be darling!
I am not an IKEA shopper. I go there once ever two years or so. Friday was the once. We've been feeding babies around this house in most interesting ways while I've been looking for a "cute" high chair. I've scoured build it yourself ideas, Craigslist, all that good stuff. Haven't found anything that called my name. For $20 ... my littles can eat and not climb on the kitchen table anymore!
I also remembered my main reason for going there ... crafting project coming up next weekend at Kamp! Photos later if I remember to take any.

Saturday afternoon my hubby donned a tie (gasp!) and we celebrated in the marriage of Mo and Sara. Bad photo of a beautiful couple on their wedding day.
Being as the wedding was at 2:30 and the week had been busy, we stayed home for the evening and I started ripping apart camper cushions.
And I finished ripping them apart.

Then using the old fabric as pattern pieces, the new stuff was all cut out.
New needles for the sewing machine are bought and thread spools are ready to start spinning!

Bring on Monday!
It is Labor Day after all , isn't it?

Happy holiday and be safe!

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