Saturday, February 13, 2016

I restrained myself

It is Monday morning once again and I'm parked in the parking lot at work. My clock says 5:48. I haven't quite figured out how to schedule posts from my phone so found this one lurking from last week and am sharing even if it is late!

I am sick. 
Too many days of burning candles at both ends finally caught up with me. 
I really, deep in my hearty heart, wanted to join in the cleaning at church this morning. But .. I didn't think I could handle bending over without my head exploding. Ach!
The bottle are lined up on the counter. Vitamin C .. echinacea ... and I am shoveling them in. I have to be fully functioning by Monday 4 a.m.  At least functioning to the level of normal at that time of day. 

In the meantime, it is Saturday evening and I took a nap (shivering and shaking under my blanket) this evening which means I am now up and painting. 

Yup. Go figure. 

I almost hit the Pinterest button

but managed to restrain myself. 

Because I still have these sitting on my table this evening. 

waiting to be stitched closed. 

I should probably finish those before I find something else to do. 

In really bright news .. my guest room is almost ready for a guest 2 weeks from yesterday. You don't know what a feat that has been!

I always thought my kids got their undiagnosed (read that mom diagnosed) ADD from their dad. 

I may have been wrong. 

Incidentally ... I feel great!

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