Wednesday, February 3, 2016

nearly had me some heart failure

I got my very first iPhone a few years back.
I harassed Jari and Fred about their phones and how much time they spent on them.
And then they harassed me equally.

I do hit facebook on my phone.
I occasionally hit Instagram but I really don't know how that works.
The map has only steered me wrong once.
Email is usually read on my handheld device and even occasionally sent.
I'm very bad at two way relationships on snapchat .. I don't send but I love to receive.
GroupMe is one of my all time favorites. I love seeing videos of my grandcharmers doing fun things.
I use the Bible and the Hymnal on my phone.
Pinterest. Oh. Yeah. But you knew that.
The camera, camera rolls and albums are big.
The notes are endless and occasionally I sit down to clean them up a bit.
Life has become so busy that my phone calendars can't contain it all anymore.

Seriously. It is amazing how much this little tiny thing will hold.

Blogger has an icon on my phone. Just not on the front page.
Google Drive with oodles of photos.
eMemories with family videos that are stored in the cloud but accessed on my phone.
Podcasts that I only listen to when I don't have a book to listen to.

And yesterday my favorite icon wouldn't work and I nearly didn't know what I was going to do.
Almost as bad as the power being out and not being able to brew a cup of coffee.
That realization is enough to make a person realize they have a problem.

My favorite. My most used ever app on my phone is

I listen to hoards of books by a wide range of authors.
I have the nicest little Bluetooth necklace thing that Jari bought for me.
It is probably my favorite piece of "jewelry".
I very rarely purchase books.
I have never purchased a book for download.
I like the kind I can get on OverDrive.
Free library books.
I download them for 2 weeks and then they go away.
In the space of 2 weeks .. I might actually listen to ... well, a lot of them.
I find new authors and go through everything they have.
While the public library system may not have the latest available ... it has enough for me.

Yesterday morning my traveling companion wouldn't work so I had to listen to news on my way to work.
And an old podcast on my way home when I had enough of politics within about 5 minutes.
I actually had to delete the app, reload the app and then download my current book again.

I am good to go.

Now if I can figure out where I was when the app quit working ... I'm good for the drive today!

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