Friday, July 8, 2016

as much as he grumbles ...

He still brings home stuff for me from curb sides.
This particular crib was one thing.
However, it looks like someone thought about doing something crafty with it
and promptly changed their mind after cutting off several key pieces.

So it sat here for much too long.
Curbside trash pickup was coming and I wanted things out of here.
Use it or lose it became the goal.
In the meantime, he also brought home a multiplug thing for all my toys.
He's something else.

Do you cut wood the same way I do?
The same way I usually sew ... without pins?

Some Kreg Jig activity for pocket holes.

Mr. Helper Man at the ready.
I'm sure he secretly looks for projects from me.
Else he'd be relaxed for sure!
He has vision for some things and can come up with ideas that make it work.
Being as the side arm pieces for my bench were cut off ...
I was still hoping to use what I could.

And wham! The bench goes together!
I think the production of this little thing netted me several new tools and bits.
Serious. You should join me on a trip to Home Depot with Jari.

His hands have had a lifetime of trigger action.
They have sprayed foam and coating for years.
Mine haven't had that luxury.
I don't know if you've ever had this experience, but sometimes there are these
"here, I'll show you how" moments.
Love it and am pig headed enough that I really want to finish it myself.


I was looking at the progression of benches the other week.
They are growing in ways with each new one.
I can't wait to see what I discover with the next one!

In the meantime ... this may be my favorite thus far. 

There are several more sitting outside waiting for attention.
They may wait for cooler weather while I play with smaller things.
Unless I get antsy ..

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