Monday, July 11, 2016

before the internet

Well before the internet even existed, at least in our worlds, these two guys were childhood friends.
They did things together that back then might have been considered "pranks" and today would probably land them in juvenile hall.
But they had fun together.

It has been a while since they saw each other.
The east coast friend has moved to the southwest and came to spend a weekend with us several weeks back.

Sanford doesn't know the internet.
My brother Frans was explaining photo restoration to him over lunch one day and using the word "photo shop". I had to inform him that such a thing wouldn't be in the knowledge base of this incredibly intelligent man who in many ways is so fortunate to not be in this age of technology.

We've had a Wii for a number of years and I threaten at least once a year to get rid of the thing because no one uses it.
Mind you ... the only games we have are the original ones that came on it.
These little sport things that have the ability to keep grown men entertained.

Jari decided to give Sanford a try at the thing.
Was fun to watch and made us all remember why they put those wrist band things on the controls to discourage launching and flight.

The photo below is my favorite from that weekend.
This was the scene.
The background will tell you that I was busy with some project or another.
The subjects ....
One reading the newspaper cover to cover while the other surfs the internet.

It is almost unfathomable in this age where news, especially all the horrifying news of the past week, is constantly at our fingertips assaulting our senses.
Not the elderly generation who probably keep the doors of the Arizona Repugnant Republic open, but of even my generation.
The one where facebook, Instagram, email, twitter and who knows what all are the mode of communication.
I think it harkens to a time where daily life was so much more peaceful ...
a time that is probably gone for so many of us.

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