Monday, November 21, 2016

Desert Bloom Market

I have to say I've been consumed.
The other week I sat in a class and handwrote a few blog posts in my notebook.
They're still there.

As cute as my mini Brock bookmark is .... get ready for serious cuteness today!

A good part of this year has been consumed with the market.
I am a nurse by trade, a crafter by heart.
Crafting is what keeps me sound and stable.
For some of you it might be shopping .. for others, flipping pages of a book.
Give me a paintbrush and power tools.
Countless trips to Home Depot and Hobby Lobby ... countless hours of serious fun outside and in.
Countless hours of spending time with friends working on projects. And I mean projects!

Last week it happened. This was a first time for our congregation here in Phoenix and Saturday we established a tradition. A quite fine one if I say so myself.

Today I am sharing photos from the prep and day of the sale. I feel like I've just done my own daughters wedding and can't hardly believe it is over.

Just a few of many gifts waiting to see what happens this first time around.

The kitchen ... oh my! I will be the first to admit that I had nothing to do with that part. They moved some serious amounts of dough in there into delectable treats.

Samples of the delectable for shoppers ..

who shopped and shopped ..

far beyond my hopes and dreams.

We will most certainly be back again next year ... blooming in the desert.

For a while though, I'm safe to visit the blog.
I might even find moments to think and write ... unless I'm lost in Pinterest!


  1. I was so amazed! Everything was so beautiful! Lots of thankful people for all yours and many others hard hard work to make the sale a success 😃 Looking at pictures after, I'm kicking myself I missed a few things!


    1. I still have furniture left if you're looking for some of that! :) It was so much fun! Thanks for shopping! Oh ... and if you want to get rid of your yarn .... I'm scavenging again. LOL

  2. Amazing!! Everything looks so fun and inviting! Wishing I could have done my Christmas shopping at your sale...��

    1. It was quite a feat! So hard to know what to do for the first time around ... so you do everything you possibly can and wait for results! Now we have an idea for next year ... can't wait to play again. Welcome! You might just exceed the 5 mile limit for free delivery tho'. :)