Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Belatedly .. as if par for me these days.
I do have to tell you that there was some serious work to be done here
before we could pause and be thankful.
Use your imagination.
It is bound to go to places of perhaps a hoarder or the likes.

We celebrated Thanksgiving in the most American way possible.
Counters and table laden with food ...
friends and family joining us.

The only picture I snapped at the table wasn't posed ..
that means that mouths were being stuffed.
Not sharable if you're me.

You can be thankful for that.

I was thankful for the fact that I live in Arizona.
'Tis the season now where one can be thankful for things like that.

Christmas trees went up on one end of the back patio ...
..they had already been hauled out for the market..

and flowers were planted on the other end.

These little loves are about the only things I can grow.
And truth be told, I cooked two turkeys on Thursday.
Sort of wasn't the plan ... so I ran to Walmart for another turkey baking bag.
And as if I was a moose eating a muffin ... I wandered into the garden department.
Hence ... while my turkey baked ... my flowers got planted.

Pekka, Laina & Riitta came to town, spending Friday nite with us.
The state of trees on one end of the patio and freshly planted flowers on the other got a chuckle.

Yup ... unless our temps hit those of the Midwest or the bugs move in (as is usual) ..
my flowers will survive until it gets hot in June.

My gardening heart is incredibly thankful!

Hoping your Thanksgiving was spent with those you care for
and there were many blessings to be found.

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