Sunday, April 9, 2017

365: week 14

91/365: He's such a good papa.

He seriously sat and asked Wyatt which square he wanted to put his his X or O in. I don't recall who had which symbol ... neither one was a winner at the game ... but both were winners in friendship.

92/365: A splash of green.

93/365: Tax day sometimes doesn't happen for me until October. Done good on time this year ... computer crashes and all!!

94/365: This guy is cute but I seriously want the big one off the billboard on I-17. 
#chickfilacatering #farmfever

95/365: Easter wishes from patients.

Unfortunately, perhaps to hide house smells, she sprayed the entire baskets with so much perfume that the chocolate inside probably wasn't edible and we couldn't handle the smell. Sweet gift nonetheless.

96/365: I had some time while waiting for your mom to be done with her appointment today so I came to see your marker. I can't help but wonder where you would be today and what path you would have walked. Your resting place on this earth is beautiful. The breeze sending the trees in a little sway .. the birds making their voices heard. So peaceful and quiet that if you listen real close .. you can imagine the chorus of angels in heaven. There are many who surround your resting place who are also a part of your choir. Children who, along with you, always hold special places here on earth .. in the hearts of many of our dear friends.

97/365: Somedays your sewing maching has to move to the kitchen counter. 
#dadanddaughterbonding #workinglate

The kitchen counter I was using was directly above the heat spewing dishwasher. A bit of a sticky situation but I finished the top of a baby blanket .. in girl colors!!

We also attended a wedding Saturday evening. So beautiful and special. I didn't take a picture of the bride and groom as can be typical for me. We were feeling a little old. Jari asked me if we were getting older or the young people getting married were just getting younger. When my daughters were the bride's babysitters? Yup. We qualify as getting up there.

We had company over Friday evening and I got the funnest text messages after they left. The Mr. of the couple thinks I am about 14 or 15 years younger than I really am. Seriously. I am contemplating sending him roses. He still thinks my hubby is about age appropriate. I have had some seriously good giggles the past few days.

Heini came and spent some days with us over the weekend. Was fun to have her here and we got to do a little bit of running around and playing amid the visiting time. Hoping this happens more often.

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