Sunday, May 7, 2017

365: week 15


Posting late. (That is an understatement!) Darling wedding wedding and this was my only picture.

99/365: Leftovers for lunch. Been a long time since my kitchen saw meatloaf.

100/365: 2 days in a row and probably the last of my cooking for the week. We don't mind leftovers around here and we eat it until it isn't edible anymore or we're sick to death of it .. whichever comes first. The bright side of nearly empty nesters .. food goes a long way these days.

102/365: My new couch this week. Keeps one upright and busy! No lounging here this week.

Just take a seat and grab a kettle bell!

103/365: Play ball! Can I just tell you how blessed we are to have little people in our lives on a regular basis?

104/365: Seriously. A baby on the hip and screwdriver/pliers in the other hand. My right arm helper hard at work with me.

Incidentally, this chair joined our house at least 2 years ago (probably more like 3 or 4) in need of redoing. Some things take awhile around here. Can you tell? Kind of like blogging lately. We started taking this bugger apart and oh my gosh! I should have counted the nail heads so I know how many to buy. Hundreds I'm assuming. And then there were the staples. When I get to the point of putting it back together I am so going to appreciate my electric stapler. The fabric is here and waiting!

105/365: I really don't need a truck .. my trunk works pretty good. #woodprojects #strawberryjam #quilts

If I do it right ... JoAnn's first to use some yummy coupons, Home Depot second to pick up some wood, Costco last to pick up the things that can't melt. Then home to stare at it all and wonder where I should start.

I can't believe I'm this far behind in posting these. By now, the batting is in a quilt, the jam is in the freezer and the wood has been made into lovelies. The cheese is nearly gone and the sugar? Well, Jari does put more than just the one teaspoon he claims into his coffee. I really think that a spoon is a spoon to him.

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