Monday, February 12, 2018

warmish food

Are you like me? At all?
I run to the fridge (refrigerator if you're somewhere that doesn't understand our shortened language) and grab something. Off across the kitchen to the stove or the sink or wherever else it is I'm headed.
Invariably, my mind is off somewhere else at the same time so I don't really notice the temperature of the food I just took out of the fridge.
I mean ... the ice is still frozen when I fill my cup.
Why wouldn't everything else be working?

Then there was this little niggling thought I had for probably most of Saturday.
Why can I smell the leftover pizza in the fridge when I open the door?
It wasn't any more loaded with garlic than usual.

Until it finally dawned on someone other than me.
The fridge wasn't cold.


We have a freezer tucked in our laundry room so I moved all the frozen stuff out there. Alyx did offer to bring me a cooler, but I figured we could handle it with what we had.

Can you believe that we don't even own a big cooler anymore? I seriously need to change that. Sometime soon. The boat has it's own cooler and we really haven't been camping anywhere else for a while. Part of the refrigerated stuff had to hit the trash.

We have the best landlord in the whole wide world I think. This is one of the big bonuses of renting a home. Fridge dies. You call him. And he brings you a new one!

Note the tubes of caulk on the table. I am rather particular about things lasting in good condition. Caulk dries out way too fast in my shed in the summertime. It lives inside now. Right below the wood filler and the wood glue. Don't try figuring me out. Aint' worth it.

Just like that (after a few swishes with the rag) my refrigerator is cleaned for the guests I'm expecting in the next few weeks!

Here's hoping your appliances are working and stay that way!

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