Monday, May 14, 2018

peaches ... already?!

It feels like we just finished with pounds and pounds of peaches, but the canned peaches are long gone. The freezer has been empty of frozen peach slices for a while and it was Peach Festival Weekend at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek.

I really wanted to go Friday morning as it was the only morning free. Jari looked at me like I had lost my mind. We've gone before and it's not exactly peach picking in 70 degree breezy weather. Tia agreed to go with me. My intent was just to purchase boxes of picked peaches. Good thing we didn't ... they were sold out of picked peaches before we got back from our short trip to the orchard!

We took our boxes and off we went to pick. It didn't take long and the boxes were filled.

Just because I'm a numbers kind of person .... I had to figure this out. I paid more to drive over an hour away and pick these peaches than I do for Colorado peaches that are delivered to me ... if I purchase a 38 pound box. Mind you ... the price of the Colorado peaches also includes travel for the peaches and fundraising benefit for the congregation delivering them. At least these will tide me over until the others are due to be picked!

We came home to play several games of Settlers so I could gracefully lose them both ....

and bury myself under a blanket for a minute or two before starting peachy business.

Have to be honest here. Fred (in town for golfing weekend) and Frans (with kidlets) came over Saturday evening and I whipped up a fresh as you can be peach cobbler. Frans said it was the best cobbler he had ever had .... right up there with some camping cooked in the dutch oven prepared by a Johnson (if you know they're cooking skills .. you'll understand) cobbler he had years ago.

Sigh. I will show up in Queen Creek earlier in the day next year and be almost first in line.

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