Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shopping in earnest.

We headed to Desert Ridge yesterday morning. I really was on a mission to find something. Walked through store after store and only found a treasure at JoAnn Etc.
Am I the only one that does that?!

My find? A roll of magnetic tape. I pinned this idea on Pinterest a while ago. The memory department had to do a little work to actually get it done. 
Now the challenge is to see if the girls will actually get their pin bobbies where they belong.

While I was browing through stores finding nothing, Jari was at the other end of the parking lot doing some bang up business.
This one is worthy of an entire post in itself.
Trust me.
This is the beginning of a whole new challenge.
I was suppose to pick up a bike as well yesterday and didn't.
I didn't get one today either, but I will.
We are going to start biking together.
We will be biking around town ....

... while Jari is going to be training for a long distance ride.
I'll be home blogging about the experience he's having.
Suits me perfectly.

The cactus are loving the warm weather we're having.
We had a few days of rain the beginning of the week and, although the skies are cloudy, aren't likely to see any more for quite a while.
90's outside on the patio and over 80 inside.

Doesn't really make a person really motivated to do some strenuous activity around here, but I am looking forward to making some Prickly Pear Jelly at some point.

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