Monday, March 19, 2012


For some months I have been pondering where to continue sharing our lives with you.
Perhaps I should say I have pondered a name for this place I like to write.

While we will always carry the love of Alaska with us in our hearts,
the dream of living there has been achieved.
It was time to start something else.
A fresh beginning for the next few years.

A name is an incredibly difficult thing to come up with.
Now that I've nearly got this up and running, with a name attached to it,
I remembered another blog name that at one time I thought would be neat.
Maybe in another time or another place.
For the here and now, I'll be residing at
430 Breezy Lane

Thanks for sharing our walk.


  1. I have saved your new blog under my favorites and will (as always) await to see what kind of fun and wonderful things you are up to!!!
    ~ Joyce

  2. Fun! I really like the name.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! How do you get them like that? I love the new name.

  4. Hannah - the only photo editing software I use right now is Picasa. I did have Adobe Photoshop at one time and never figured out how to use it. This photo was blurred out with Picasa.

    Amber - I kind of liked the name as well. It is a combination of a few things that came about through some brain storming conversations with one of my favorite writers. :)