Monday, July 30, 2012

confirmation at kamp kipa

Sometimes a mom could get a bit weepy.
It was a beautiful camp and they had a wonderful time.
The first confirmation camp to be held at Kamp Kipa held
20 students with 5 of the students coming from outside of Arizona.
In the beginning I'm sure there were plenty of
"I really want to go somewhere else and meet other people" kind of comments,
but this group was incredibly blessed to be able to spend this time together.
Not one of them was ready for this camp to end.

I went up for Family Night and was able to spend the night at the Kamp.

After some fun moments of laughter, I was able to take a turn at the piano while the kids sang ...
and can they sing. It was a treat to listen to.

The quiet of a cool night with the drizzle of rain drops.

Confirmation Day itself dawned with brilliant sunshine on equally brilliant smiles.

I have to say that I cried.
Tears of joy that this time was so precious to each and every one of them.
Tears of joy that these young have forged relationships that will last a lifetime.
Tears of joy that God was with these young ones and blessed their days.

Dad and Alyx were tootling their way through British Columbia over the weekend,
working their way back to Arizona.
We certainly wished they, and Blayde, had been able to join us.
I'm thankful, though, that I was able to be there with my three youngest children.

Finally, the goodbyes.
Confirmation camp goodbyes rival a good Minnesota goodbye anyday!

With this Confirmation Day, we passed through yet another phase of life.
It is nearly incomprehensible.


This weekend also marks the right of passage for Tia.
Which means .... I'm sitting at home alone this evening while she's off running.
Jari and Alyx are winding their way through California.
To this point, our least favorite state to traverse is Nebraska.
Do you s'pose these two will have a different state in mind by the time they hit the Arizona border?

Being as the house is quiet for the evening, I should do something productive.
I have a presentation to prepare.
I haven't been to the grocery store in so long that I don't remember when.
I'm sure I could drum up a few other things as well ....
like a swim perhaps?

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  1. beautiful pictures! I'm so bummed I missed the outdoor group photo... we would've been on time had we not been behind someone (won't mention any names here) that was going less than 5 miles an hour up senator hwy. um, yeah. I was ready to hop out and run. I agree, the camp was so nice, and I shed many tears as well.