Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tia to Confirmation Camp

Yesterday I took a drive up to Kamp Kipa to drop off a few kids at the first Confirmation Camp being held there.
Our youngest, Tia, is attending this most special camp as well.
Many wishes and prayers have gone out from this heart of mine that the camp
experience is as special and meaningful as I expect it will be.

I love the goods the guys were packing along!

After working today, I came home to a HOT house. Not the kind where the tomatoes are
growing, rather the kind where sweat threatens to drip. We've been having a problem with the heat thing this week. I finally flipped open the cover of the thermostat and played with the settings. This ought to help. If it isn't set to hit 85 degrees in here at 8:00 a.m. .... maybe it won't.

I've been sitting around playing with photos on the laptop since I cooled off in the pool.
Was sitting here on the couch and the doorbell rang.
My doorbell doesn't usually ring unless it is Schwan's calling.
The ice cream sandwich addict man is gone so I very nearly didn't open the door after checking the peephole, but I gave in.
Not only to the door but to this scrumptious treat as well. So worth it!

The Schwan's may help this little situation over here.
I've never been separated from this young lady for 10 days.
In her entire life.

I'll have plenty of computer time to mix in nicely with my chocolate. 

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  1. I'll definitely be curious as to how the camp goes too! With such a small group, I'm sure it will be a nice one!