Wednesday, July 25, 2012

mother's day in july?

Without a doubt.
I have another app (I think that means application) on my phone that I love, love, love.
I typically don't haunt craigslist, that is my husband's department.

Yesterday I moved all the dog droppings into a pile and out of the weeds grown tall.
For some reason I have a sprinkler that kicks on in the morning and then
when I clean the pool I drain even more water into the yard.
Makes for wild growth.
Then I tried to start the lawnmower that was left by the landlord.
Push that little red button repeatedly.
Crank that handle back and forth several times.
I'ved watched this method of lawnmower starting by dear hubby.
Then I give a good yank on the pull cord.
Yank again and get the same results.
Mutter at the machine and do the same thing I've been doing for nearly a year.
Wheel it right back to where I wheeled it out of.
If hubby was home, I'd run in and say "um ... would you come start the lawn mower?"
He's not here.
He's in parts north of here at the mailing/shipping store on Bogard shipping fish home.
He's excused ... this time. Only because my mouth is watering for a halibut fajita.

So after a dip in the pool this morning that is finally swimmable thanks to the dust storms
avoiding my yard last night, I hit that little Craigslist icon on my phone and typed in lawnmower.
Some of us have husbands that seem to think they know what we want
 better than we know ourselves sometimes.
I've really been wanting a lawn cutting device that doesn't include the possibility
of shoulder surgery as a result of cranking that pull cord.
He didn't think I needed one.
I think he'll change his mind when he comes home because he won't hear me saying,
"hon .... when you have a minute ...." anymore.
7 mere blocks away from me was this little treasure just calling my name
and priced less than a quarter tank of diesel fuel.
If I hadn't had a vehicle at my disposal I probably would have biked over there to pick it up.
The blades are sharp and it works.

Dear hubby thinks I could probably get on the bike and push this thing making it sort of
a riding lawn mower and it might get the job done faster.

I'm certain it's Mother's Day.
In fact, now I'm eyeing an antique rocking chair I found at the same icon.


While my house has been incredibly quiet this past week ....

* I may just get more of that Christmas gift done this year than I thought I would!
* QuickBooks and I have had some serious together time and all of my spendings are recorded up to date.
* My children are coming home to roost and I have to find a place to store all my crafty stuff.
         *No. 3 was in Kansas this morning on his trek south.
         *No. 2 has several nights of work left and will be heading south.
          *No. 5 will be home from camp on Sunday.
*While everyone has been gone and I've been dining solo after work, I've had many moments to contemplate what on earth people do for dinner when they don't have a tribe to feed and aren't enamored of salad.
* Maybe if I cooked something, No. 4 might be home once in a while, eh?
* I've only run the dishwasher once in the last week.
* The washing machine has only done several loads of laundry.
* The dog has whined constantly.
* I was able to have lunch with No. 1 on Sunday which was a big treat for this mom.
* I've probably listened to at least 5 audio books. No wonder the dog is whining!

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