Wednesday, January 8, 2014


In September I picked my new name.
The name I'll be honored with in April.
Jari and I learned that we will be grandparents.
For the first time.
I've wrapped my heart around the little one.
The little one has wrapped himself around my heart.
And even if the dear hubby protests .... he is going to be the greastest papa ever!
Friday we girls did a bang up job of filling the trunk with shopping bags.
As we shopped, I had a great moment of chuckle.
My girls certainly like their shoes.
It doesn't matter if they come with heels and funky colors.
Or the priceless little ones that will wrap around little feet
someday soon.

This little guy is already an active one.
Tonight I saw the cutest little video clip of what may have been jumping jacks.
I wonder if he will be tall like his parents.
I wonder if he'll have hair ... will it be blonde, brown or red in color.
I wonder if he will have have big feet to grow into.
I wonder if he'll be musical.
I wonder if he'll like to read.
I wonder if he'll like to fish.
I wonder if he'll enjoy the kitchen as much as his dad
or as little as his mom.
I wonder if he has any idea how anxious we are to meet him.
The little guy who will fill these shoes ...
and liven up our world in the most delightful ways.


  1. So precious Anita! exciting times and a whole new chapter in life!

  2. Congratulation on your upcoming new phase in life! I have a feeling you'll love your new honor in life, being Nana!

  3. From one Nana to another you are going to love every minute of it!

  4. Congratulations!! With your own children you think there could be no greater love...just wait until your grandchild arrives!!! I am so happy for you and your family!!