Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness Project

As part of a Community Health Project in the Bachelor's Nursing Program I am enrolled in, I have become very interested in the Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Population. The goal of my project is to educate people on the homelessness of our vulnerable youth population, particularly in the state of Arizona, and to conduct a personal care items drive. I am looking for contributions which will be forwarded to Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development.

I have posted information about this project on private Facebook groups with the hope of soliciting contributions of items on Tumbleweed's wish list. Through that group I was encouraged to open a Paypal account to which people could contribute from different areas of the country.

I have to tell you ... the thought hadn't crossed my mind! After giving it some thought, I realized that I could reach an incredible number of people in this forum and perhaps (after figuring out how to do all this!) have an opportunity to provide an unbelievable gift to the young people that Tumbleweed helps. This is all new to me, so bear with me. I am not a power point professional ... but I hope the message is clear.

This project will not be an ongoing one ... at least for now. I am hoping to raise funds in the next several weeks and am hopeful I have a generous audience out there! This link here should connect you to PayPal where you can donate to the cause. I'll keep you updated on the progress ... and I thank you. The teens thank you. Tumbleweed thanks you.

I especially thank you creative gals out there who suggested this route!

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  1. Anita Thank you! Homelessness, especially among children and youth, is an area that is critical to the future well being of our nation. These children tug at my heart strings. Tarja