Thursday, May 29, 2014

it's vacation week!

I'll get back to last week and share some pictures before the week is out,
but for today ....
I'm not exactly lounging spa or pool side.
I'm calling insurance companies twice a day trying to get some action.
Not my insurance company. They have been awesome.
I finally erased the messages off the answering machine.
It was really blinking 34 messages for the past several months.
I gave up on the phone a while ago and unplugged it.
Now if you call my house you are very likely to get a nasty fax machine instead
of me telling you that you've got the wrong number.
We all have cell phones. I figure if you need us you can find us.

Baby Loves has been visiting this week several times and I'm due for another fix tomorrow.
He is such a good baby.
This week has seen much more interaction including coos and smiles.
I imagine that the next several weeks will be even more exciting!

He's packing on some rolls. Takes a lot of food, energy and plenty of rest.

Hanging out with his cousin who is also working on growing!
About three weeks ago my car got fatally smunched.
If you know my dear hubby at all ....
when he's on a mission to find a car I should probably go on vacation.
It is downright painful.
Over the weekend he actually started to suggest getting a vehicle from Minnesota.
By this point I was done running to look at any.
Said "no more .. you bring one home and I don't care what you get".
I think he was looking for an excuse to skip the heat for a bit.
We went and finally got something on Monday. Gave up on the little SUV idea.
I really don't need one or want to spend money on one.

We took it for a drive Monday evening and found that it is governed at 80 mph.
We didn't have the admin key and couldn't change it.
That isn't going to work.
Some other klunk going on so back it went on Tuesday.
I'm hopeful that the keys will be in my mitts today sometime.
Jari took off yesterday to Colorado since he couldn't head to Minnesota.
I'm sitting on my ever widening buns working on things like Power Point and eportfolios.
And cleaning closets and paper piles.
Love this kind of week!

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