Friday, May 16, 2014

the last couple weeks have been ....

Hi! My name is Anita.
My eyes are really blue and my hair is streaked with
increasing amounts of gray every day.
Well ... at least those strands that I'm not pulling out.
How does life get so crazy?
Saturday 5/2: Jari and I headed up to Kamp Kipa bright and early for the day to attend Parent's Camp. Our plan was a wee little weekend getaway. At about 4 that Saturday afternoon we got a call that Tia had been in a car accident. She was fine, but being under the age of 18 needed to be transported to the hospital to be checked out. A bit of anxiety going on. Today she told me she had a few firsts that day: accident, ambulance ride, cab ride home. We headed straight home. End of that weekend.
Wednesday 5/7: The runs to the chiropractor started with Tia. We have a crazy relationship with our chiropractor. We now live across town from them, but we still truck ourselves down there. Jari did the trek on Monday, I did Wednesday morning. After that little trek, Tia had a dental appointment to have her wisdom teeth removed. All four impacted. She was quite a nut case leaving the place. I did video her upon her request and it has provided great entertainment value. That evening she woke up in time to head to a program at the church honoring this years high school graduates. She really should have been in bed.
Thursday she was in no shape to go to school.
Friday another visit to the chiropractor and a short stint at school.
The weekend was miserable for her ... Mother's Day was wonderful for me with kids around.
The insurance company totalled our car over the weekend. I'm driving a mean little Niisan Altima that just goes like mad. Guess I'll be driving it for a while. My hubby looks at about 1,000 cars before he settles on one.
Monday 5/12: Happy Birthday Wylon!!
Tia managed to go to school but was still swollen beyond ridiculous. Sore throat and bleeding. It's been long enough so I brought her into the dentist to have them check her. They're not concerned ... I still don't understand it. I know everyone is different but this experience is lasting way too long.
Tuesday 5/13: She woke with a voice that barely croaked and couldn't even swallow liquid. Okay. I know there's a virus going around that is nasty. Maybe she has that on top of whiplash and wisdom teeth extractions. Now Jari and I are both at work and I can't leave. I convinced Anna to bring Tia to the Urgent Care for me. That, of course, entails faxing permission and insurance cards. Paying bills by credit card over the phone. I also sent them to the wrong place. Oi! They finally made it. Negative strep test. Ordered to drink more fluids and call if she wasn't better by Thursday.
That evening my hubby had a brilliant idea. He's allergic to Penicillin ... a fact that I never seem to remember. Could Tia be allergic to the amoxicillin she had been taking for nearly a week? I tested her and got a resounding yes. First dose of Benadryl in and Jari & I took off to an engagement party for Annaliisa and Joe. Came home and had her down another dose.
Wednesday 5/14: Happy Birthday Blayde!!
Tia has a voice and the swelling is nearly gone! Chiropractor again this morning. Miles of driving. Drive south to the dr. Drive north to school. Drive south to work. Drive north to home.
Seriously annoying.
I'm back at church again in the evening for Bible Class with organ duty and church cleaning on my agenda.
Thursday 5/15: The kiddo is back to normal I think. Maybe better than normal. She actually cleaned her room top to bottom. No new organizing going on, thank goodness, but clean it is.
Today 5/16: Happy Birthday Char!!
Eyes open at 5:30 (yes ... that would be a.m. not p.m.) to try get some school work done. Left at 8:15 to get to the chiropractor. Back up north to drop her at school and meet Jari. Jump in the truck and head back even further south to meet a car salesman. At least we're ruling out things! Back north and off to look at another one. It is 104 degrees today and I'm getting a wee bit cranky about this.
I want to be home!
Especially 'cuz I know that the little love is there for a bit. I had an hour there and then took off to pick up Tia from school.
Are you sick of this yet?
I am too.
You aren't alone.
Tia is off to camp for the weekend and I'm sure I'll see 5:30 tomorrow morning. I write papers best in the morning and still haven't mastered the 20 minute paper. Nor will I settle for a grade that is less than I am capable of. It sort of poses a time problem. It also creates a bit of a stress problem.
After Sunday ... I'm down to 4 weeks and that, my friends, is why I've been absent from this blogging world.

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  1. I got a bit worried when you said Anita got into a car accident, but I'm glad that everything is fine now. I don't know much about the situation, but I hope she drives more carefully from now on. By the way, what do you mean by having a crazy relationship with your chiropractor? I, myself, love having chiropractic adjustments from time to time. It helps me relax my nerves and release stress. I do hope you also find that kind of comfort as well. :)

    Alfonso Warren @ Arkansas Pioneer Chiropractic Health Centre