Monday, September 15, 2014

37.52 motivational monday

Take the attitude of a student,
never be too big to ask questions,
never know too much to learn something knew.
- Og Mandino
I love this week's quote.
We all know the typical adult male, right?
The one who carves his own path and refuses to read instructions.
Simply because he is just way too smart to read instructions.
This weekend I found my husband in the close proximity of .....
hold on to your hat .....
an instruction manual.
At least twice.

 That piece of paper there would be instructions .. not sure if he was using them tho.

 This set he was definately reading!
I'll share the rest of this project this week.
I am quite thrilled with how the project turned out,
and had to really chuckle when he said that there is a reason
they make instructions.
This stage of life where you go back to asking more questions
ain't half bad.
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