Monday, September 22, 2014

38.52 motivational monday

The older you get,
the more important it is to not act your age.
-Asleigh Brilliant
 I didn't really heed that advice this weekend.
Jari was Assistant Director at the Southwest Youth Days at Kamp Kipa.
I was scheduled to be on kitchen duty at the same camp.
Both of us were suppose to be at the camp at 6 pm.
Anna was scheduled for a first baby induction Friday morning.
Not a good combination.
We delayed our departure to the cool mountain air until we really couldn't anymore.
And then we acted our age, accepted our responsibility
and drove out of town.
Jari did ask me if I was going to chew my fingers off.
I informed him it was my right.
We headed up to a place where my cell phone reception is mostly limited
to one corner of a picnic table.

Wyatt Kevin made his grand entrance into our world that evening,
weighing 7 lbs 12 oz
measuring 20 inches long
perfect and healthy.

I kept on acting my age (which is highly overrated!) and finished the weekend duties.
Sunday we drove straight to meet the little love
who is beyond adorable.

 I think this little boy and his cousin will help keep us young.
At least it is my hope that they'll keep us from acting our age ...
at least once in a while.
As long as we still get our nap on Sunday afternoon we'll be good.
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