Monday, November 10, 2014

45.52 motivational monday

There is nothing worse than being a doer with nothing to do.
- Elizabeth Layton

Tia is a doer.
Stillness is not a word in her vocabulary.
She's on fast forward or stop.
There is rarely an in between speed with her.
At least around here.
It is probably a whole different story when she's out with friends.
This day she needed something to do,
other than clean her nearly impassable room,
and someone else needed something done.
The doer became the human high chair.

Personally, I don't really remember a time where there was a lack of things to do.
The books to read are piled high.
The laundry keeps returning.
The craft projects are piling up higher these days.
I cherish my busy existence.
My list of wants far exceed my list of needs,
even in the category of something to do.
 I have a deep sorrow for those who nothing to do.
Is the nothing to do in this quote because they choose to do nothing?
Is it because lifes circumstances have forced them into inactivity?
Is it because they haven't the courage to reach out to do something?
What is it that keeps one from being a doer?
I hope the answer to that question is something I never have to learn.

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