Saturday, November 15, 2014

pepper cutting

This post could go all over the place.
You've been warned.

First of all.
I haven't shared one wedding picture with you because I probably don't have many more than that.

I haven't been back ... as promised ... with our impressions of Williston, North Dakota several weeks ago because I just haven't.
I could use just a few more minutes in a week.

Christmas is around the corner and I am starting to freak out.
Just a little bit.

During our drive to Williston, my companion (other than dear hubby and Travel & Leisure magazine) was Dave Ramsey. I read nearly this entire book during our jaunt.

Which leads me to the title of this post.
If you're scratching your head ... can't say as I blame you.

Going with the Dave Ramsey plan, I started my little cash envelopes. Note the word little. Actually, I drove myself over to Target, swiped the plastic and bought a cute little coupon organizer. It really works just as well as envelopes floating around. Then I labeled each little pocket with my hopes and dreams. I hope your hopes and dreams look a sight better than mine. Mine look like clothing, car repairs, grocery, personal care items. Oh, yeah. There is that vacation pocket as well. Have several of those coming up in the next year.

I'm getting to the peppers.

So, I am carrying cold hard cash to the grocery store. I am not back to couponing yet, but keep threatenting to do that. I am back to shopping what is on the sales ad. The last several weeks have been a little ridiculous. What is a gal suppose to do when vegies are 38 cents a can?!

This week, red and yellow peppers were 77 cents/pound and so I scarfed some up. What I could give for a halibut fajita ... you just don't know.

This afternoon I was spending some quality time in the kitchen, handy knife at the ready (which, incidentally, you might note is a serated bread knife?!), when I realized that I have never shared pepper cutting with you! It was this past fall at Kamp Kipa that we stumbled upon this little miracle. If you've been cutting your peppers this way forever ... then you should have shared it with the rest of us. I use to end up with a mess of seeds that I was rinsing out of my pepprs. Not any more!

Ready? Here goes!
Not the best looking pepper. Maybe that's why they were 77 cents a pound.

First, turn your pepper upside down and insert knife into the fold of the pepper starting at the bottom.

Do the same on the other side of that bump.
Excuse the lovely photo here.
This is what getting older hands look like!

If you look closely, you can see on the left side of the pepper, both indents have been sliced but the everything remains intact at the top of the pepper.

Now you can separate that portion from the rest of the pepper by slicing across the top.
Don't but the entire top of the pepper ... whatever you do!
Just that one little section.

Repeat the same with each section of pepper.
Even if the pepper is mishapen like this red one,
it still works.
Once each section has been removed, you are left with the stem and all seeds attached.
I did have a few stray seeds floating in my removed sections,
but nothing like before.

Go forth and cut some peppers without the seeds ending up everywhere!

I'll be back Wednesday with another foodie idea for you ... if you're in my stage of life!

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