Sunday, March 1, 2015

Parada Day!

Sometimes it just takes some motivating to get me out of the house.
It sure is fun when you finally get out, but it takes a bit to get me going!

The Parada Del Sol was a constant when our family was young.
I'm sure we didn't miss too many years.
By the time we quit going, I had probably seen enough horse flesh to last a lifetime.
And now we start bringing the next generation to downtown Scottsdale.

A stop a the LOVE statue for Haylee and Sawyer.

I did catch my young friend Heidi, wearing those shiny pink boots, catching a lift.

A day spent with the little guys.

 And just because I own half this feather ... we had to stop by here on the way back to the cars.
This would be the main entrance into the Scottsdale Public Library.
It is a beautiful library.
It has a beautiful feather hanging outside that entrance with an inkwell on the bottom level.
I have claimed ownership of half this feather for years.
My friend, Cheryl, claims the other half.

All paid for in checks payable to the
City of Scottsdale.
The memo line always read something like
library fines.

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