Tuesday, March 3, 2015

services weekend

I spent the 6 weeks before Winter Services playing with crafts at every available opportunity.
As is par for the course ... time ran out long before the project ideas did.
Thankfully, next year is less than 365 days away and we have plenty of time between here and there ... which means that on January 1st I'll be in a frenzy.

I spent a part of my weekend in the craft tent and was so thankful for all the willing workers, generous donations of crafted goodies ... and the ultimate financial result was much more than we anticipated.

In between the refreshing weekend of services and duties, we visited and thoroughly enjoyed a houseful of visitors. I was pretty negligent in the photo department, but Jari and I had a great time.

There is nothing like having family in town when you don't get to see them often and they're close to your heart.
I didn't manage to get a decent picture of the front side of these little folks, but let me tell you, I adore them!! They were all very little peoples when we left Alaska. One of the negatives about moving away from somewhere is that you miss the growing of children. Their worlds change so quickly and you, the adult who is no longer around, are forgotten. It was an absolute pleasure to make their acquaintance. To watch their joy. To learn their personalities. And my heart smiled most at watching them with their parents, and their parents with them. Makes my heart absolutely melt.
They were mighty busy this day watching the neighbor through the fence.
Jade: If you keep watching, the man comes running by again!
Garsh, but that girl really could've stayed instead of going home.
And this one? Oh. My. Goodness. He is one busy boy!

Can I just tell you a little something about Alaska grown children? They aren't sit in the house and play a game kind of kids ... at least these ones aren't. These little people hike mountains to burn off energy. 5 (that's five not 0.5) miles of mountain trails and they're still going. If I had just a bit of their energy ... that craft tent next year would be filled to the brim!!

Renae asked me before they got here if we were ready for the "Wuollet invasion". I sincerely hope that they weren't too cramped in our small abode, because I'd love to have them back here next year!! I just wish I could fit more in here. At one point in the past week I seriously thought about renting a huge old house, for several weeks, where we could ALL hang out together!

And stay longer next year, will ya please?
We have some girl style shopping to get done next year!

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