Monday, March 30, 2015


I've only been at this blog address for about 3 years and the number of visits to this site were numbered at 91,073 on some recent Thursday evening.

It has been a challenge lately to get here and I feel badly about it.

However, I'm not alone.
In the blogs I like to visit, 2 this past week lamented about the difficulty of getting to blogging, even though they love it.
I'm with them.
What on earth has happened to life?!

I thought mine was crazy, but seriously!

Today life came to a screeching halt. Yesterday we enjoyed Charlene's bridal shower and I may have gone way overboard on these things. 

Now I'll probably never eat them again. I haven't puked in years ... and after last nite ... would prefer it was many more years before it happens again. Today has been a catching up on sleep day. That's all I've been good for. Missed the first birthday party of the first grandchild. So sad. 

And I still haven't managed to catch up on any blog reading even if I'm being a slug!

See what I mean?!

And from today via text message ...

And off we go to another week!

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