Monday, April 4, 2016

april camping

In case you don't know ... we love the outdoors ..

So does Tia.
Although we certainly like our creature comforts, nature calls to our souls.

Friday afternoon relaxation with that never ending rug making of mine.

Followed by bocce ball until the light waned and we could no longer see.

 Saturday morning scented with the aroma of frying bacon.

Always a need to be fixing one ride or another.

Camping can be so incredibly labor intensive.

Wood must be moved from one place to another.
Always at the ready for the evenings bonfire.

No wool gathering allowed in these parts.

Cousins need a rest here and there.
A stop for refreshment so there is energy to play.

New friends may become old friends.
Age knows no boundaries here.
There were quite a few of us gathered on Saturday.
Many new friends to be made.

And, yes, if one is faint of heart in the dirt department ....
this probably wasn't the place to be.

Dirt or no dirt ... hot dog time is best!

So is a ride with mom & dad to the top of the world.

From where you can see forever ....

and ever ....

A weekend with some sister time ...
whether peeling 10 pounds of potatoes ...

enjoying a tree climb together ...

or working at bee keeping!

Refreshing moments of daytime pure delight ....

followed by sand angels by the bonfire of night.

I still feel like I'm breathing dirt.
My nostrils may be back to normal before the next trip which will be a little higher in elevation.

Less of these ...

maybe more of these in a shade of green ...

Happy Monday!
Welcome to April!

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