Thursday, March 31, 2016


The beauty of weather that is downright heavenly.
This week, especially, has been such that I want to capture it in a bottle.
I'd like to open that bottle in July or August.
For now ... I'll enjoy the fact that I don't need to water flowers twice a day!


Then there is the other part of spring.
The headlong rush that is bringing us into summer.
Very. Quickly.
The patio is stacked with projects to refinish and redo.
Projects to piece together ... change the color ... add some color.
Make it into something someone will love.
And I want it all done before I have to wipe dripping sweat from my forehead every 10 minutes.
All I really need is about 4 good long days and I'll have a handle on it.
Hubby got hijacked into working with me last Friday.
He really is a team player.
He's the one who said, "let's go to Home Depot" when I suggested going to pick up pallets.
He had a new power tool delivered here on Thursday for me.
Then he proceeded to join my team.
Gotta love the man!
We took 2 of these chairs out of the pile and made it into what is going to be the cutest bench!
Just needs some finishing in the way of sanding, paint and fabric.
Wait until you see it!
I'm hoping it is as adorable in real life as it is in my mind's eye.


The door below was a find one day when Tia and I went junk pickin'.
People ask me where I get my ideas.
It use to be magazine pages torn out and hoarded with ideas of things I loved.
Now it is Pinterest. Even the links on Facebook bring me to drooling sometimes.
It is an idea that gives birth to another idea.
The idea snowball gets running and it ends with a patio full of furniture waiting for rebirth.

Furniture rebirth will need to wait.
I think I only have 4 available days in April to spend woodworking.
I guess that is all I asked for somewhere up a paragraph or two.

We are camping this weekend.
Our annual April camping trip is only several nites away.
We are trying out a new place this time and the weather is beautiful!!
Sweatshirts and shoes need to be packed ... and we aren't even heading to the mountains!
Can you say fresh air, camp fires, little boys, crochet hook and fabric strips?

Happy last day of March!

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