Friday, April 22, 2016

crafty crazy

Last weekend we were celebrating the 30th birthday of a dear son-in-law.
I know.
That might just make me feel a tad bit old.

During the evenings visiting I was chatting with someone who was surprised that in our "foot loose and fancy free" stage of life Jari and I aren't running off to do things on weekends.
(Is that just the longest worst written run on sentence you've ever read?!)

I talked about it with my dear hubby and spent some time thinking about it.

What brings us joy?

For some it is travel hither and yon. For others it is weekends of outdoor activities. For yet others it is fine dining and all that other good stuff.

I like and appreciate all of those things, but I don't need them.

What quiets me is this. Pure bedlam.

Have you ever seen such a disaster?! We live in our workspace so it all has to be cleaned up when the day(s) is done.

Creating for me is joy.

Learning how to use another tool and accomplish something is joy.

This stresses me out a wee bit. The pile (and this picture is at least a month old) of projects to redo has grown and grown and grown. In fact, it grew to the point where a threatening storm had us moving things to fill up hubby's man cave.

I look at it and I want to just call in sick to work. Just kidding. I can't do that.
I am seriously looking forward to a week of vacation the end of May.
Work 'til you drop kind of vacation.

A day spent with my hubby working side by side.
Now that. Is. Joy.

And some things just make you smile.
How can you not?

With all of that being said ....
I'm traveling this weekend.

Have a good weekend!

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