Wednesday, May 4, 2016

celebrating 90 years

In my last visit here, I said I was traveling.
Jari and I went to Minnesota for the weekend to celebrate a very special milestone.
90 years is quite the milestone for this dear mother.
She climbed up on the counter (albeit with a little assistance) to capture these photos.

At 90, should I live that long, I can only hope to be as young and sharp as she is.

Will my favorite cake be the Princess Torte?

Will my fingers still itch to work with dough though my hands are no longer willing?

Will I thoroughly appreciate a new handbag to match my outfit?
Will I care if I have an outfit for the occasion?

Will the scent of flowers fill my heart with spring?

We had many dear visits with many dear friends and family in the days we were in Minnesota. Some of them were short and over a table in a restaurant. Others ran late into the night when the eyes would no longer stay open more than a slit.

Yet, I have to say, that this visit here (and Mummu must have run inside for a moment when I took this) melted my heart and wanted to wet my cheeks. All five children and spouses gathered on the porch with parents, discussing matters of faith. We spent part of the day singing favorite songs in both Finnish and English, warming hearts with shared faith and love.

The conversation on the patio was translated and often Mummu would chime in with words when translation became difficult.
Will I be able to still offer words in both languages when I reach that age?

I hope that when I'm celebrating my 90th, this is the scene that surrounds me.
She is truly blessed.
So are we.

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  1. It brought joy to read this post about Laina! I cannot believe she's ninety! Blessings to her!