Friday, December 2, 2016

a dad and a baby

A while back Brock was here for a week with a 9 month old son/baby. Mom had stayed back in North Dakota.

He thought bonding time would be great.

During the bonding he discovered something.
Motherhood is endless.
There is no break.
And ... when mommy says "can you make a bottle?" in the middle of the night ... he will understand just how valuable that small amount of help will be.

I think every new dad should spend a week being the sole person in charge.

You're going to say, or are thinking, "He stayed with you, right?"
Implication heard.
I seriously had to push to change a diaper.
He was person/parent in charge ... and played his part no matter how tired he was.

Do you have any idea what it feels like to be the parent of that son?
I see plenty of people who drop kids off at their parents .. they drop responsibility at the door when they come home.
Not this one. Not any of mine, truth be told.

I had the greatest joy in watching my son be a dad. Watching his frustration with a teething baby (yup!) who had a horrific case of diaper rash (double yup!) and not giving up and handing Liam over to one of us.

Proud and honored to be his mom?
You can be sure.

Little man is in town again .. this time with his mom!

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